Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Security of Home Routines

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On weekend mornings, my father would listen to old country gospel music in the kitchen while he and Mother made breakfast for us all. We children were teenagers and would sleep as late as we could.   They would make a big pancake breakfast and it had such a delightful scent.  It was a lovely way for us all to wake up.

Dad worked hard as a laborer. He kept a solid, predictable, calm routine in the home. We knew he would be watching westerns on Saturday afternoons. We knew he would be in the garage working on a project, or fixing the family cars.  He did yard work and kept a garden.  He also came home from work at the same time every day.  Looking back at his life, HE was what kept things steady, no matter what was going on in our family.

Parents are like guardian angels. They are there to guide and watch over their children. But they do not get burned, or harmed, or pulled down, into their children's troubles.  They are unscathed and strong.  This helps build up courage in our children. This teaches them, as they mature in this life.

Our routines in the home are what keep things safe and secure.  If our children (old or young) are struggling in this life, and they see Mother and Father cooking like always, or cleaning like always, or putting away the dinner dishes, like always, the children are comforted.   On the other hand, if Mother and Father stop all they normally do and indulge in despair, and dwell on the trials so that it cripples the routine, the entire family is brought down.

Tonight, as I turn on the lamp light in the parlour, and sit in my favorite chair to do my Prentiss study, my children will feel a sense of security.   As we finish up our evening routine and smile the smile of peace, and contented joy, despite any hidden tears, the children will feel the warmth and love of home. And they will heal from whatever harm the world has tried to cause. Somehow, home and family will prevail.

Mrs. White

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Tracey said...

oh, you are so right.. my husband is very routine driven and that is what keeps my on my path. My children are grown now, but it's wonderful to hear them speak of their childhood with fondness and peace...that we always ate dinner together, bed time stories were read, Friday nights were pizza and TGIF on television. Routine helped them to be comforted then and the memories comfort them now... you are right on target!!

Dianna said...

Thank you for this post. It's just what I needed today. I will work harder to get more routines and predictability into my kids' lives.

Karen Andreola said...

This is a lovely piece you've written giving us a picture of "home" with your traditions. I also am persuaded that good habits along with the guardian angel wings of protection are important aspects of in raising children.
I clicked onto your "parlor" reference and was delighted because I, too, have a favorite chair where it is bright enough to stitch or read, in a room, though it is little, where no TV or computer desk is set up there. I also call it the front parlor.
Karen A.

Jean said...

So true!


Thank you for your faithful encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.


Melanie said...

So true, Mrs. White. Even now as an adult I remember the family routines of my childhood and the comfort and security from them sticks with me still. I hope my own home and family routines will offer my children the same sense of security and comfort. Another great post!

Sarah said...

This is very true and your description reminds me of my father. I still have younger siblings at home and my dad always comes home right on time, if not early every day. He always does the yardwork and treats my mom to her favorite drink. It is hard to notice this as a child, but thank you for pointing it out. Thankful my husband is faithful to keep to a routine.

Cathy said...

So true. We can enjoy being content within our routines, and our children find security in routines.