Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Mother Who Isn't Busy

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Serving a family and keeping a home takes a lot of time. Doing it peacefully, without much else to occupy the energy, will leave a lasting impression.

When Mother is available all day long, for whatever needs arise, she is cherished and counted on.   Can you imagine the mother who wants to see her family fed and full and happy, and who enjoys making snacks and meals for her loved ones?  Imagine she never says, "just a minute. I have to finish my own thing first."

Imagine this same mother spending time with each family member, doing what they enjoy.   Imagine her going outside with the teen boys and cheering them on in their games.  Imagine her chatting with her girls and doing projects they want to do.  Imagine her sitting in the parlour chair, serving tea, and happily getting up to serve someone in need. 

She can't do any of this, cheerfully, unless she isn't busy.

This mother will find great peace and contentment in serving her family. Notice, she is not the slave. She is not the doormat. She is greatly esteemed, respected and dearly loved. She is NEEDED and wanted.   Her children and husband seek her out for help, comfort, and her presence because they know they are her entire world. They are her hobby, her project, her joy.

Yet, she will deal with moods and messes. She learns to handle them with grace and dignity.  She will guide the characters of those in her charge, and she will do it sweetly. Her example of patient, methodical work with a cheerful attitude (despite trials or tears) will pour inspiration and love into their minds and hearts.

And if she ever has those overwhelmed moments, or faces difficulties, she will go into her prayer closet and get help from the one who knows all and sees all. She will get her comfort there, and she will be renewed and ready to joyfully get back to her life of not being busy.

Sometimes, when we strive to do our own thing, the real thing we are destined to do gets neglected and trampled over.   The greatest goal of a mother and wife, is to dedicate her days to the lifetime vocation of home and family.

Mrs. White

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Becoming a Woman of Excellence said...

You write very beautifully about a woman's calling as a wife, mother and keeper of the home, which I find very encouraging.:) Thank You dear Mrs White.

I guess the feminist movement here in Sweden is so very very strong, in and outside, the teachings of Christ, that people here have a long time ago, neglected these values of home, marriage and family. Which I think is awful. I almost never hear a woman or even a pastor talk about these things nowadays, the few of us that still treasure the titus 2 calling, are having it real hard....


LeAnn said...

Amen to that one! Your most important work you will ever do is in your own home. I agree with you. I think we do get to busy with others things and forget our really calling in life. This was a great reminder.
Blessings to you!

Cathy said...

Thank you,this is so true. I love the title, it says it all. The mother who isn't busy.

Anonymous said...

I've been so missing you and your blog, Sharon. Had closed my blog down about a month ago, and like you, been ill a lot and haven't much of the mother you describe in this post.

But it challenges me, and without taking on false guilt, (because that is not of the Lord) this is a post that will help me keep my priorities straight!

Thank you for this, and God bless!

I must also get back to listening to your lovely voice reading some of those sermons!

Gentle hugs and love!

Debbie said...

You hit the jack pot. Mothers are involved in family and with God. Both work together for a happy family.

Debbie said...

I love this post. It is at the core of my heart, even though I am guilty of being too busy at times.

Thank you for a beautiful reminder of the blessing of serving.

Lori Hatcher said...

One of my favorite authors, Dr. Gary Chapman, said "Happiness is giving your life away to help others. The happiest people in the world are the people who serve." Oh, may we be the hands and fee to Jesus in this dark world of self and selfishness! Visiting from Be Not Weary, and glad I did :)

Suanna said...

Thanks! This post was just what I needed today.

Gabrielle said...

I realize this is an old post, but I've read before, when my children were very young, and I'm reading it again now. I have to say, there is so much wisdom here! Many will not heed to wisdom, I have found, but there are always some who will. Thank you so much dor sharing it with us who need and desire it! My family has been blessed by much from what you share. 💝