Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Full and Busy House

"Rainy Day at Beach Rental," July 31, 1948

I love it when all my children are back at home. The house is busy and full of wholesome fun and activity.   My oldest ones will soon be here for Thanksgiving, and it will be just like the old days.

I was reading a homemaker book from the 1970's. The author talked about how her grandmother had it easier because her "nest" never emptied:

"In  my grandmother's day the children didn't leave home until they married.  Not one of her chicks established his own nest as a single person.  Consequently when the last one left home, Grandma was seventy-one."  - Terry Hekker

A full house, with children of all ages, brings joy to a homemaker.  There is always someone to visit with, bake with, play games with, and share laughter over a plate of cookies. 

Older children spend time out in the world, and bring home stories and news of  life "in the fast lane."  I love to be the one who is here to welcome them back, and delight in their presence.

Mrs. White

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Gin said...

What a lovely post! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

M said...

My son moved out recently.He is about ten minutes away, but still it feels so far...He still calls our house "home"...Sometimes he will call and I can sense the weariness in his voice and he will say "I want to come home". You are so right. It is a wonderful thing that we as mamas can provide our grown children with a refuge from the world. My son is wayward from the Lord right now, and I pray for him daily...I like to think that even in his prodigal state, he feels the Lord's comfort and presence when he is "at home".

Unknown said...

I hope my daughters, at least, will choose to stay home until they're married. What a blessing to get to spend that time with them as adults as well!

Mrs. Sarah Coller

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. White,
I love your post today. I have a question--can you post a link to purchase at Amazon, not just particular items, but like a search box or something where we can give you credit? Just a thought...I would love to support your blog. Love from WA state.