Friday, November 9, 2012

The Dinner Hour

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I entered my parlour this afternoon, after being out in the cold on errands. We had bags and papers and things everywhere. It was time to prepare (mentally and literally) for the dinner hour.

I turned on a sermon tape, on my kitchen radio, of A. W. Tozer, "The Plague of the Heart," and  worked in my home, while being nourished and strengthened by godly wisdom.

Soon the dishes, from the day, were soaking. The counters looked neat. The table was cleared and shining.  The chairs were in order and the floor was picked up.  Home looked lovely.

I will light a candle before the sun sets. I will get the Bibles ready to prepare for evening worship, after dinner.  There will be no watching of television, or computer time, or listening to secular news or music.  It will be a sacred time of our family gathering together at our family table.   It will be the dinner hour.

To make the dinner hour successful takes labor, and vision, and an eagerness to enjoy home.  It takes a pushing aside of all worldly thoughts and worries and activities. It is time to calm the heart and to soothe the soul.  It is time to make family and loveliness and charm and the beauty of home a sacred obligation.

We will pray and eat and enjoy fellowship at the family table.  It will be a precious time because Mama made it happen.

Mrs. White 

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Emily Fay said...

It is true that to get the dinner hour to be a smooth experience does take timing and planning! We love our dinner time together and often have a devotional around the table as we eat and discuss the day. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts~

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Sweet post!

May you have a wonderful Week-end,