Thursday, October 3, 2013

Homemaking Propaganda

Library of Congress: McRaith family Minnesota, 1942


In our rapidly changing culture, we have to find a way to keep our bearings.  Many take vacations to "get away from it all," and have some quiet.   We are bombarded with ads, theories, ideas and marketing images.   Many of us long for a quiet walk in the beautiful countryside.  This can soothe a tired mind.  It can remove anxiety and worries.  It blocks the "world's" ideas long enough for us to recover and straighten our walk.

There is a dangerous seed spreading across the world's fields. It produces an anti- homemaking propaganda. It puts us on edge.  It wants to shut down the home, make it evolve, and destroy the tranquility of the little cottage where the old time family lives.

One needs a "pesticide" of sorts to remove this from the family garden.  It is a remedy, or a fertilizer, to help the spirit of homemaking to thrive.  We need our very own godly homemaking propaganda.

This can be found in certain television shows (Olivia and Grandma in "The Waltons;" Aunt Bea in "The Andy Griffith Show.")  It can be found in old writings, such as the original "Little House on the Prairie" books.  It can be found in some modern books. It can be heard on CDs through old time preaching sermons and homemaking radio programs. 

It can also be found in those who live it each day.  Each time a homemaker cheerfully cleans and cooks and bakes and commits to being a steadfast keeper of the home, she is sending out  good propaganda that will help the next generation to have courage and strength to continue. 

The homemaking propaganda can often be a living example of Mother at home.  This mother is tending and cultivating the little cottage for the old time family. She is doing this on little money and with minimal material goods.  She is making a little haven in the midst of a dying world. 

May God bring many more like her.   And let us encourage the godly homemaking propaganda to help guide those who are losing their way.  It is the Titus 2 mandate.

Mrs. White

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Always Learning said...

Amen to this! Beautifully written. There is no greater job than to raise the next generation walking in Truth.

Mrs. Crane said...

I would LOVE to see the Waltons again.. I like the older Little House but the newer ones got a little off the track for me. When the girls were grown. But I love the books!

Rhonda said...

I love being a homemaker and never feel the need to apologize for staying home.
But I don't see very many young women staying home or even wanting to take care of their homes. It makes me sad but I fear homemakers are truly a tiny shrinking minority and will continue to decline.
But I will be a homemaker as long as God is willing.

gail said...

Dear Mrs White,

I couldn't agree more and I love the encouragement I receive from your writings.

Blessings Gail.

Anonymous said...

"She is making a little haven in the midst of a dying world." I like that, & can say here that it's the thought I often have when I do my work around the home.

Today was the day I change bedding in my home, & though it was rainy & I couldn't hang the sheets out, it always feels so good to do that chore. I don't feel angry when I do's an act of love & concern for my family.

I would ask your readers' prayers for me & my family at this time, as we battle through my husband's unemployment (over a year now), as well as illness that I am going through.

Thank you for your wise words today.


JES said...

I have never commented here before but want to let you know how much I ~love~ your writing. It speaks to my homemaking heart!

Jessica said...

Wonderfully said!

I work two online business from home and serve the Church as well. Even as a single mother (of one young man - we homeschool), my greatest peace comes in serving God through caring for my home and my family and the extended family of our friends and those in need.

Just before reading your post, I had spent the previous half-hour washing our laundry - by hand because that is the only affordable option that gets us clean clothing at this time. I genuinely feel blessed for the opportunity to work with my hands in this way - counteracts the other work done with my hands (on the computer), uses more muscled and connects me with our previous generations. It also takes away the desire to have "too much" in the way of clothing :)

God bless!

Kathy said...

Always love to read what you've written for us each time. Praying for you and your family - that God will richly bless you the way you bless us.

Kathy said...

Praying, Brenda, for you and your family as you walk through unemployment and illness.

Ceil said...

Hi Mrs. White! Good mentors and role models always help, and I liked your little list.

We watch Andy Griffith all the time. A simpler time, with simpler values. That's the secret I think.

You are such a blessing for your home, and you do all with such love. What a witness you are.

Tami Lewis said...

I always think of your blog posts as a vacation for a few minutes! Thank you again for a lovely truth filled post.

Leah said...

"Each time a homemaker cheerfully cleans and cooks and bakes and commits to being a steadfast keeper of the home, she is sending out good propaganda that will help the next generation to have courage and strength to continue."

Yes! That is so good.

Katrinka said...

I'm caring for my husband who has Alzheimer's. Even though I've been a content homemaker for many years, this is a new chapter for me... we're not that old. I work hard to maintain an atmosphere of peace in our home, and find that my 'training' as a mother years ago has been such a blessing in our life today. I know that I'm exactly where God wants me to be. There's no one in this world who could do what I'm doing, the way that I'm doing it.

We love The Waltons and Andy Griffith Show and watch it over and over. No one can take the place of the wife and mother at home, going about her day, taking care of business, when no one is watching. It's a precious life.

Cheryl said...

This is another wonderful post! Thank God for the sweet blesing of a Christian, old-fashioned home! If only our world could grasp that this if the very thing they crave as they seek out so many other ways to try and fill that void. May God bless you for your dear words of encouragement and your faithfulness to mind God. Love, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, thank you for inspiring women to leave a legacy. I am only 28 but I have many a very young daughter come into my home, it is really important that I example for them biblical homemaking. I found strength in your post. Have a blessed day. Tara.