Thursday, November 14, 2013

Keeping House while Staying Sane

"Home Improvement 1953" by artist Stevan Dohanos

Each day, I have plans and chores I set out to accomplish. I am usually able to get things done in a leisurely, happy way. But more often, some hurricane or tornado comes in and makes me struggle to keep my footing. These "storms" can be grumpy relatives (gentle smiles), troubled teens, sickness, a husband with a completely different outlook on life, or some painful turmoil attacking the family. 

I have learned that I cannot change.  I cannot alter my path because of the negative circumstances. I have to stay calm and focused.

I cannot dwell on moods. I cannot wallow in sorrow or pity. I cannot grumble or allow misery and indignation over the unfairness of it all destroy my daily walk in life.

One of the things I do is read a sweet, calming book.  My favorite, of course, is anything by Elizabeth Prentiss (1800's). I have also been reading "Lessons at Blackberry Inn" by Karen Andreola.  This is a sweet work of fiction about a family living out in the country. It is a pleasant read and a diversion from regular life.

 I am not one of those people who want to be "supported" in misery. I do not want to read about suffering, or other mothers dealing with trouble. I want to be "calmed" and "centered" and brought to a peaceful place so I can adjust my attitude and get back to setting the example of godly living for my family.  We are told in Scripture that "iron sharpens iron."  Godly influence, wholesome christian literature, and wise Christian friends keep us sweet and dedicated to our noble work.  But if we dwell among the writings of anger, and suspense, and high-alert, we are going to be anything but calm and sweet. Our temper, our spirit, will be troubled. We cannot safely walk a gentle path when we are wallowing with comrades of misery.

So today, even though my circumstances are greatly troubled, I will live as happily and calmly as I can.  I will do my housework and sing hymns. I will take care of "precious" (my grand-baby). I will make a pleasant supper and do a little baking.  I will find comfort in my faith and I will keep looking up. I will not notice the storms around me. . . because we all know that no one can walk on water, unless one's eyes are on the Lord.

Mrs. White

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Deanna said...

Dearest Mrs. White,
The picture you have used with this post made me laugh out loud to where I showed my husband in which he laughed as well. We are digging out from under the messes that have over flowed into our dining room into the family room while the kitchen is being rebuilt. Hubby is home recovering from his second cancer surgery and the remodeling is on hold until he is feels tons better and given the okay to continue rebuilding our kitchen. The huge medical bills are starting to roll in. Praying for strength.

It is a challenge like none other!

I Like your post and what you have shared. WIll read it again. The storms of life are out there and infesting our homelike.

We truly need our Lord to help us.
Eyes on Him,

Unknown said...

Mrs. White,

Just wanted to thank you for your writing. It always encourages me to be a better homemaker. God knows I need all the help I can get.

Kelly in SC
Mom of seven (from Connie's group)

Anonymous said...

So true! I was interupted this week with two different mothers who have major troubles in their lives. It is so easy to dwell on these hard issues even though they are not mine. Thankyou for the timely writing Sharon. You are such a blessing. ~Diane

Jessica said...

What a great post. I have loved reading but have felt that I just don't have much time even though I do not use my time wisely as I should. I want to read more and also singing hymns while I work what a change that would be for the kids. I feel sometimes I haven't just given up on things getting better and I know the Lord can do anything. But, my focus has not been Him but on the quarrels the kids get into and there are only two, seems it would be easier. Blessings and I will be following your blog now for encouragement and I pray for change in my heart. Jessica

jviola79 said...

Dear Mrs. White -
What a sweet post! I love how you put it.... "we all know that no one can walk on water, unless one's eyes are on the Lord." May we walk on water today :)
Visiting from The Modest Mom this morning.

D said...

thank you, thank you....A couple of very hard weeks for me here at the VillageHouse, and not sure why except for bad attitude by me? Blaming other for what I lack will get me nowhere . I can change, through Christ. Challenging circumstances may be His gift. I will thank the giver of good gifts today...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Thank you for sharing with us. It sounds very familiar, especially the troubled teens part. It really helps me to know that I am not alone in this. I'll pray for you and your family.

Jacqueline@ said...

I am smiling as I realize the Lord has a storm or a tornado for everyone of us and meant to grow us in some way for His glory! It is so helpful to think of sisters who are going through similar things that are 'common to man'. Thank you for the really timely encouragement, Mrs. White! Blessings to you in Jesus this week~

Debbie said...

This post was exactly what I needed to find today, as I sit here overwhelmed by a stack of things on my desk.
Thank you!