Friday, February 28, 2014

In Pursuit of Christian Duty

The Parlour in Mrs. White's Vermont Home.

Early in the morning, I am awakened by a little baby being placed in my arms. It is my grandson.  I take care of him in the morning so his mother can get some extra rest.  I have given up on the idea of my early morning tea, as the sun rises, while I sit in the parlour.  Those kinds of mornings are a distant memory.   My hours, days, weeks, months are consumed with the blessing of Christian duty.  It happened gradually, my personal time, and my own way, being taken over with something far more precious.

We spent the last month taking care of Grandfather, and then Nana needed medical care.  I have spent an enormous amount of time in Hospitals this winter.   When I am home, I clean, do laundry and care for the family.  Being busy about the house is a privileged kind of duty that I am grateful for.  We have found ways to make the trials a bit of fun.  Many mornings, I would sit in the kitchen of the Grandparents, taking notes of the day's plan.  Did they need firewood? Dishes washed? Some errands run?  We made a plan for dinners.  It reminded me of Rose Kennedy, and how she would breakfast at home, ordering dinner from the domestic staff who cared for her family and house.

Some would say that we mothers are being run ragged, by all we have to do in a day. Some would be haggard and worn by such trials and hard work.  But as long as there are times of rest, and little homemaking breaks, we can manage beautifully.  This is a sweet spirit of Christian duty. 

All day long, there are silent praises and prayers uttered up to Heaven.  All day long, there is a pleading for strength and courage - and these are gently given. 

Many times we Mothers read our Bible in the twilight hours, or in a spare moment while children are napping, and we delight in a holy communion.   We do not seek Christian duty, we do not wonder what God would have us do; we simply make ourselves available for the Master's use and He will fill our time with His glorious work.  When we walk in His ways and Love His Laws, we will find Him in the humblest of work.  This brings us the greatest joy we will ever experience, this side of Heaven.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

You have beautifully expressed in everyday terms what our Lord called "laying down one's life to find it". I have always found that when I have selfishly pursued "me time" I am never refreshed, but when I throw myself diligently into meeting my family's needs, I am refreshed, blessed and the day flows smoothly even while I am busy non-stop.
I just finished your 90 day bible study and I can't tell you how blessed I was. I ordered some for the ladies in my church.



Katrinka said...

My husband was diagnosed with early onset alzheimers 4-1/2 years ago at the age of 60. His memory difficulties and confusion began years before that. He's currently somewhere in stage 6 of the disease, and our lives are NOT what we expected them to be at this age!

However I, too, don't have to wonder what my duties should be as I go about my day. As stressful and sometimes sad as things can be at times, I'm still blessed with a fairly flexible schedule and moments of peaceful rest. I know that my job surely has been chosen for me by the Lord and it's something only I can do for Him and my husband.

Unknown said...

So nice to see you! I love your gentle admonishment to do our duty.. that which is asked of us by God. I am weary right now, and appreciate the encouragement to keep on doing what I need to and seek the Lord for the rest I need. God bless you my friend! Love anita

Deanna said...

Thank you for sharing. Blessed to read this.
Your sister in Christ!,

Deborah Montgomery said...

A lovely post. thank you Mrs. White.

Anonymous said...

Well Said. I too thought I would now have gentle days In which to pursue what I would like, after waiting for over 30 years raising 8 children. BUT The Lord has other plans, and is teaching me slowly that His Will is perfect. I too have illness in my youngest child which necessitates me taking care of a four and one year old, and helping her in all of her stages in cancer, having to travel one hour to her and then one hour back home again several days a week. I too have a newborn in my room at night, to allow the mother rest to recuperate from an infection from a Caesar. After some initial complaints to Him about unfairness, I recognize this time as precious an Him teaching me as I would not have learned in other circumstance. Blessings to you and your loved ones as you follow the footsteps of the Master. Antonia

Anonymous said...

You're blog is such a blessing to me! Thank you for what you do!

P.S. - I never listened to classical music before you. I googled classical radio stations in my area and found one that plays 24/7. And now it's on all day as background music in my kitchen.

Very relaxing!

Thank you!!!