Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Mass Exodus of Women Coming Home

Library of Congress - 1943 Church in Washington, D.C.

The old town church bell began to ring.  There was heard a shout!  It was a call throughout the land for Mothers everywhere to return home.  "The children need you!"  Came the cry.  "Your husbands need you," was the preacher's sermon from the front church steps.  "This nation needs a great Christian revival for Mothers to get back on the old fashioned path of being at home. . . . This is your post.  Stand by!  Stand Fast!  The country is in turmoil.  There is misery and suffering everywhere.  We need all the Mothers in the home.  Dig in your heels and make your homes lighthouses of holiness and service.  Don't let the enemy invade the hearts of our homes.  Don't let the enemy get a foothold in or they will slowly erode and take away the godly home."

There was a cry of repentance and lamentation.  There were tears of conviction and a softening of cold, worldly hearts which had been hardened by materialism, the seeking of money, and a life of seeking constant recreation.  Work must be done in the home!  A sense of joy, pride, and relief filled these mothers minds.  There was heavenly work to do and they were coming from the byways and highways, back to their own homes.  A Mother's place was being restored everywhere.

As the sun rose the next morning, there were mothers on their knees in prayer. They were reading their Bibles.  They were making homemade breakfasts, doing the laundry, wearing aprons, and caring for all who entered their doors. They were soldiers for the HOME.

Every house had a Mother in her post in every community across this land.  Every child in every neighborhood had security and peace knowing that a loving, godly mother was always home. Their innocence had been restored and protected.

Husbands were now known in the gates for their work in civic and church duty.  They were no longer coming home to empty houses, or having to take on the extra task of Mother's work.  They could provide the living again.  They could serve the community and take on church work.  They had a loving wife at home, who cared for her family, and provided a place of rest.

All the prayers and Bible reading from the mothers infiltrated the lighthouses and brought holiness into the children's souls.  Mother was there to train them up to do a mighty work for the Lord.  Mother was always there to make nutritious meals, to keep the home pretty and clean, and to have the patience of a saint to care for her charges.

This revival of Mothers at Home affected the land and the nation.  Godly children grew up with integrity and honour.  They took political offices, held places of authority in both business and government, and their actions and lives turned the tides and won the war against the threat of ungodly ruin and sinful devastation.

The tide was turned.  Mothers helped win the war because they heard the preacher's cry.  They heard the bell from the town church which called all citizens to stand fast, to stand by, and to take action!  The land was restored to order as all the mothers were called out of the world, and back into their homes. 

They sacrificed much, they sacrificed energy, money, and fulfillment. And by their actions, of a mass exodus of Mothers back home, these women restored a godly nation!

Mrs. White

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Rebecca said...

These are blessed words. May they be so!

Mountain Housewife said...

This is a beautiful vision, indeed. Thank you for the encouragement.

Amanda Z. said...

Thank you for your blessed words and te conviction The Spirit has brought to me through them. I am already at home, newly pregnant with our 6th child (all boys so far 6yrs- 9mo). But your words have convicted me that my home should be a resting place for my man, not more work for him to come home too. I'm sure he will be grateful as well if he knew. 😉 may peace be with you and God bless!

Rachel and Family said...

Spot on!
Thank you.

Mama Pea said...

I do honestly believe our society started to fall apart when mothers left the home to look for fulfillment elsewhere.

If only your words could become reality!

lorie said...

What a beautiful post!

Susan said...

This gave me the chills when I read it. It is a vision I see in my heart every day. It is a battle we must win, for the children. Thank you for putting it into words.

Anonymous said...

I love your words - they always bring me peace. I pray mothers everywhere understand the importance of the home and that this would become a reality.

Linda said...

If only people would listen.
We do need our families put back together.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Laura Lane said...

May it be so in Jesus' Name. My prayer is that my daughters, though they are preparing for the work world, will be home with their children and teach them at home. I pray for my daughters-in-love to do the same.

After giving my all to them all these years, it would be so hard to see them leave their children with strangers and the government.

There's still time to see what they shall choose and what they shall be allowed to choose.

Be blessed,
Mrs. Lane