Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wholesome Entertainment

Library of Congress - Formal Parlour in Virginia

It is so nice to have a little time for wholesome recreation.  This is the time when we get to rest and have a little fun.

I love when there are people who can make us laugh in a wholesome way.  We need more Christian comedians and entertainers who help to cheer us along the way.  There are also movies and old television programs that offer a pleasant way to get a little rest at home.  I like "The Dick Van Dyke show" which starred Mary Tyler Moore. The husband, in this old black and white program, was a comedy writer for television.  He and his wife had one little boy. They had a pleasant home life.   I also like many old movies.

In our modern days, there are many television shows and movies which are not wholesome.  They are so common that it is almost normal to have an abundance of inappropriate entertainment for us to access at any time.

It has recently come to my attention that there is a "streaming" service which offers quality Christian based programming. (A link to this is on the left sidebar of my blog for those who are interested.) The company is called, PureFlix.  I think it is a wonderful idea, even though I have no idea how to set up something like that! (gentle smiles).  For those who are able to watch television through their computer or game systems, this is a great option to find wholesome entertainment.

It seems that television has become the new form of recreation. But that was not always the case. It is also a temptation to watch so much that we don't do much else.

For happy times of recreation in the home, I like to play cards with my grown children (and teenagers).  Sometimes I will call out, in the middle of the day, to see if anyone wants to play a quick game at the parlour table.  While we play, we talk and laugh. This is a great way to get a young adult to visit with Mother and for her to see how the child is doing.  It is also fun.

Of course, there is always checkers or chess.  I haven't played those games in quite some time because they tend to make me anxious since I know I will lose to my opponent!

It is lovely to have some fun sewing project to work on, or rearranging furniture and decorating with what one has on hand. It is a free way to have some fun at home while being productive.

I love to read to the grandchildren. We also color and play with a great variety of toys in the parlour or playroom.

Sometimes I leave home and play tennis with my sons.  We have 2 very nice courts within a 15 minute drive from our Estate.

Walking the property with guests or family is always a nice way to have some recreation while enjoying the fresh air and landscape around us.

But my favorite place will always be our parlour. I love to sit near the hearth in the winter and read classic literature, like "Dombey and Son" by Dickens.   I also enjoy reading Jane Austen. But lately I have been devouring many books by Grace Livingston Hill, which contain wonderful Christian lessons that are so precious to read.

There is a very special way we homemakers can find some wholesome fun. It is to serve others in our household by doing nice surprises to delight them and to make them happy.  Sometimes I will make a special treat for Mister.  Other times, I will tidy up a bedroom for one of the children. A thoughtful note left on the kitchen table will make someone smile. There are many ways we can think of to do special things that will surprise those around us.

We would be tremendously peaceful and filled with happiness if our times of entertainment were focused on Bible lessons, sermons, good literature, and wholesome fun with the family.  Pleasant recreation, based on godliness and doing things that are pure and happy and lovely will bring us great delight.

Mrs. White

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Judy said...

We love to watch the Andy Griffith Show. My children gifted me with the whole set of DVD's!

Karen Del Tatto said...

Beautiful post!

It reminded me of the book I am reading now for the very first time, Sense and Sensibility. I love how they took part in games and good conversation or walked the grounds.

I also love to play games and have good conversation.

You share many good insights here. This post was such a pleasant read.

Thank you for sharing. :-)

Laura Lane said...

I've read several Grace Livingston Hill books. I've liked them all. I am glad you've found them. Do you have a Kindle? I have one without all the bells and whistles. I can read Amazon GLH books for free.
You might ask one of your kids.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Anonymous said...

Since cancelling television over 12 years ago, we, as a family, enjoy board games and reading. Now my sons are in college and their pursuits are all geared towards watching old shows on their laptops :-o) mari

Anonymous said...

It does take effort to bring wholesome entertainment into the home, but worth every bit. You have given me many ideas here from reading your past posts!
God bless

Deborah Montgomery said...

I, too, am reading through the GL Hill books. They are so lovely. I like to watch the Andy Griffith show and sometimes I Love Lucy. And I love to play card games, and work puzzles together. There is so much old-time fun we can have if we just plan it. Blessings to you, Deborah

Anonymous said...

My dear lady, you are not poor,you are thrifty. Poor is a state of mind.I look at all the glorious gifts God has blessed me with and they cost nothing to very little. We have always lived on a tight to very tight budget. We make it.You really do5 need alot.A pot of beans fills the stomach, a homemade quilt keeps you warm.You just have to be thankful in all things and you will see the blessings. Love your articles

Jean | said...

Mrs White, we love board games like Scrabble and Rummikub as well as some card games. We haven't had television reception for several years and rely on Netflix and Roku for movies and TV. We've found a lot of black and white TV shows from before my time on YouTube that are fun to watch.