Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Restaurant at Home

Cake at Mrs. White's Vermont Estate

I have a set of pretty dishes that came from a Museum.*  I have been saving them for just the right time to use here at our Estate.  They are so pretty and elegant.  I made room for them in the cabinet yesterday.  We just started using them.  I have to tell you that our home is very humble.  It is an old 1850's house that is in need of repairs and general maintenance.  I like to bring pretty things here, humble - old fashioned items, that bring class and elegance for very little cost. This brightens up our shabby surroundings.

* My dishes came from a community yard sale hosted by our town's museum a few years ago.  The entire box cost me $3.00. *

Setting these up in my kitchen inspired me to get back to the old time tasks of making good food for the family.

This morning, I grated mozzarella cheese and made a batch of whole wheat pizza dough, seasoned with oregano, garlic powder, and olive oil.  While I worked, there were grown children and grandchildren all around. We talked a little, but when it came time to knead the dough, I sent them into the parlour. I do my serious work when everyone is safely out of the way.  The little ones pulled up miniature rocking chairs and put them on the carpet nearby so they could watch.

I set up a fresh tablecloth on the dining table.  I put cloth napkins by each place.  The children noticed this was not the time for play dough or games. We were to have a lovely luncheon.  Soon the first batch of two pizzas were ready and the children enjoyed a nice lunch.

I was ready to take a break when one of my sons called to say he was on his way over to pick something up.  "Have you had your lunch?" I asked him.  He had not.  I told him I would make him a pizza. He was delighted.  This son is a chef in a beautiful Vermont Inn and restaurant. He greatly appreciates food made from scratch, with care and love. 

By the time he arrived, I was ready to put his pizza in the oven. It was covered with fresh organic spinach and cheese.  I started to clean up the mess so my kitchen and parlour were kept neat. This makes me happy. I love to see things looking pretty.  I delight in the work.

In the background, one could hear a gentle sound of an orchestra playing hymns from my kitchen radio.

Someone called for me to go out on an errand.  I was a passenger in the car and enjoyed talking about what I wanted to bake when I got home. 

Once I was back in my kitchen I prepared a white cake with chocolate frosting.  Then I put fresh sliced strawberries on a plate, along with a couple of small scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream. To this was added a delicate slice of the cake. (See photo above.) A piece was served on one of my pretty new plates.

After all was clean and neat, I noticed the bananas and thought it would be nice to make banana pancakes in the morning. I looked in the refrigerator and thought of what I would make for the next day's lunch. 

In this area where we live, there are very few restaurants.  I have been to the Inn where my son works and it is upscale and beautiful.  Yet, there is nothing to compare to the humble, old fashioned home where I can bake and cook in my very own restaurant at home.


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Tammy said...

What lovely dishes! And a wonderful price, too. I enjoy thrift stores and yard sales for finding treasures, too. Your museum sale must have been full of great finds.

The cake looks yummy, and has me craving ice cream, too. lol It is nice, keeping home, doing the simple, everyday things that a home and family require, with no outside (job) interference. We are blessed, indeed.

Laura said...

A beautiful inspiring post!
Be blessed!
Laura of
Harvest Lane

Willemien said...

That are beautiful dishes!You let your family feel happy with the delicious meals!

TheLoriA said...

I know you read this all the time in the comments but your posts really are encouraging and soothing. If life begins to run away with me I just take a break and read a few of your posts. Best blessings, Lori

Lana said...

I so agree! We use cloth napkins everyday and just those small things make meals welcome and comforting.

Unknown said...

Yes...your dishes are quite, quite lovely! I found an English stoneware one today at a garage is a Johnson Brothers...covered with fruits and flowers....all for only 50 cents! I am wondering now if they knew it might be of way more value than that!

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Lovely! So inspiring, as usual! We've gotten moved into our new house and I'm just about finished setting up my kitchen. Very much looking forward to some good "old-fashioned" home cooking again!

Deanna said...

The dishes are lovely. Very nice post.
I always enjoy visiting your place.

I will set my dining room table with fine dishes and linens in the near future to have a pleasant meal.
I hope it's soon.
All the best,

Mrs.O said...

Beautiful dishes. I think those "golden Jems" we find at little sales here and there are such treasures. Especially those who don't live from credit card to card, for example. Those small surprises that pop up versus going online or into a department store and spending a few hundred,etc. They are unique and VALUED.
This is how we live. I have been cooking for 8 years without a traditional oven for 7 people. I have used toaster ovens, microwaves, counter top burners,etc. There have been different factors as to why I had to wait.
5 days ago my husband bought me a stove made in 1921. Converted to propane and it is PERFECT. It looks just like the one from "Christmas Story" .
We found it on Craigslist and an older gentleman living way back in the woods had it and was ready to part with it! He was moving. He had it converted from gas to propane years ago by the Amish.
I suppose my long comment is just to share that slower, simpler living can be so wonderful..a blessing. Just as Mrs. White has shared creating a beautiful restaurant at her estate on 3.00 plates and home cooked food--WITH LOTS OF LOVE!!

God bless

Deborah Montgomery said...

Such lovely dishes you found. And good home cooking is the best. Nothing like it to make the family feel cared for and nourished. xo Deborah