Monday, November 20, 2017

A Ten Dollar Birthday

Mrs. White's Parlour in Vermont all ready for a simple birthday

I have been getting my parlour ready for a little birthday celebration with my children and grandchildren.  I have always shared my birthday with Thanksgiving since it happens in the same week.  It is a beautiful time of year when family is expected to visit in just a few days. Often, I seem to neglect to do much for my birthday since the focus is on Thanksgiving.

Very often, we mothers tend to feel disappointed with our birthdays.  This sometimes happens if we are overwhelmed or feeling unappreciated.  Perhaps we don't think our family will remember the day. This is why it is so important to do a few extra things ourselves to make the day special for others.

I want to see the delight in the faces of my children and grandchildren when I serve a special cake for them to enjoy. I want to have special activities or games so they can have a fun celebration.  If we mothers make holidays and birthdays a time of serving our family and a way to bring them joy, we will be so much happier.

We need mothers to bring peacefulness and sunshine to brighten the homes no matter what is going on out in the world. Birthdays are a wonderful time to do just that, even if there is little money available.

Today, I spent just a few dollars to bring some pink cheer to our day.

I spent four dollars at the discount store. I got a pink, plastic tablecloth.  I selected cheerful birthday plates and napkins.  I also bought a small bag of party favors for the grandchildren to enjoy. It is full of those cute noisy things people blow during New Year's Eve.  At the supermarket today, one of my sons bought me a pretty bunch of pink roses from the clearance rack for $3.00. They look simple and beautiful in an old mason jar on my table.

Our simple party decorations

Late this afternoon, some of the grandchildren gave me a lovely homemade present. They had been working with their mother for several days on a hand-sewing project.  Their mother had some pretty fabric and sewed a little decorative pillow. She had the children stuff it with cotton. They had a wonderful time helping her.  They were so happy and proud when they gave it to me. I was delighted!

Tomorrow morning I will bake a white cake from a box mix. I will also use some chocolate frosting and colorful sprinkles over the top to make it cheerful and festive.

I spent less than 10 dollars for the decorations and the cake.  This will bring us all wonderful happiness as we celebrate mother's old time, simple birthday at home.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. White

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Judy said...

I hope you have a very happy birthday. I was blessed to be born on the fourth of July, so my birthdays have always been parades, picnics and fireworks with loved ones. Best day of the year to be born!

Love your writings, and am always happy to see that you've made a new post.

Sue said...

What you wrote is so very true:

"We need mothers to bring peacefulness and sunshine to brighten the homes no matter what is going on out in the world."

I find that I do set the emotional tone for our home whether I am aware of it or not. When Mother is out of sorts, everyone falls apart. And when Mother is cheerful, everyone else is usually jollied into a better mood, eventually. I think that when children see that Mother is serene, they feel safe.

Happiest of birthdays to you, Mrs. White! I have the feeling that your home is one of delight for your children and grandchildren!

Billie Jo said...

How lovely!
Happy Birthday!
And I hope you have a cozy, festive time with your people.

Deanna said...

Blessings to you, Mrs. White! May you have a wonderful Birthday. I have a summer birthday and when I was grade school age it seemed that I seldom had a party with friends, but my Mom always made me a delicious cake. My Husband has a Christmas Eve birthday. We make his day special as we can, but as a child it bothered him that he had to share his birthday with Christmas celebrations. grins. The party plates are sweet and the pink roses are so very pretty.

Have a nice Thanksgiving.
God bless,

Amelia said...

Awwww.... This is beautiful! I love the nice old fashioned pink glow of everything...Just so vintage I think. : )

Happy Birthday to a swell blogging friend who is a great encouragement to others!

Oh how I understand a holiday birthday, mine is near Christmas and our youngest daughter's birthday sometimes falls on Thanksgiving. I know just how you feel.

Great job! <3 Love everything and once again... Happy Birthday and may your family have a sweet Thanksgiving and that sweet pillow is worth millions as I'm sure you agree. Beautiful.

Love, Amelia

Stacy said...

I hope you have a lovely and very happy birthday Mrs. White. You are so right in that mothers set the tone for the home. It is something I need to work on so thank you for the reminder. I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and how happy I am when a notification pops up in my email.

Mrs.O said...

God bless you Mrs. White. I agree, we certainly set the tone, don't we. How we need the Lord for this!

We have had many "10.00 birthdays" in our household, and the memories are usually the very best.

I love your choice of pink so much and I bet that pillow is just precious to you!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Amber Pennington said...

Happy Birthday...and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Designs By Deblyn said...

Wishing you a Blessed Birthday

Old Paths said...

This is wonderful, Mrs. White! I love the pink, and your roses are so pretty. I'm so glad that your birthday was remembered, at least by some. But what wisdom you've given in focusing on making the day special for others, and not being focused on ourselves...hard to do sometimes if we have certain expectations. Happy belated birthday and Thanksgiving!

Elle said...

That is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. I know you and the children will be very Happy, but I'm saying Happy Birthday anyway.

I'm glad you are still writing. I love reading your posts. They brighten my day! Thank you.

dolores moore said...

A very sweet letter you shared. Happy Birthday!