Monday, September 24, 2018

Review - Adventures in Phonics Level A

The following is a homeschool review of "Adventures in Phonics - Level A ," published by Christian Liberty Press:

This is the beginning of the very foundation of learning Phonics.  The suggested grade level for this is Kindergarten, so the student would be around 5 or 6 years old.

There are 216 pages in this softcover student workbook.

The pages are generally black and white, with a bit of blue as well. I love that it is plain and simple.  From my experience homeschooling all of my 5 children, and now helping to homeschool grandchildren, workbooks in full color are far too distracting for a student to really focus and learn from. So this workbook is excellent in presentation.  

The student will study all of the consonants.  They will learn plurals, compound words, long and short vowels, and all the necessary phonics rules needed to be a good reader. 

Throughout the book, there are simple drawings (or illustrations) to go along with words in the lesson.  The student then has one or two activities to accomplish, such as writing the missing letters, printing practice, tracing, writing out words, and circling.  The instructions are brief and clear.  

There is a separate, softcover teacher's manual consisting of 107 pages.

This includes a completed picture of each lesson from the student book. There are also brief instructions for each lesson, including a description of when and how to use flashcards (available separately.)

This set is the 3rd edition, with a copyright of 2013.  I used an earlier edition with my homeschool students in the early 1990's.  I am not sure if there is any difference from the edition I used, but it looks very similar. I used this with all of my five children and loved it! 

Other Resources:

"Adventures in Phonics" Flashcards and Charts

This includes a set of white flashcards.  The front of each card contains a letter or sound, such as "A" as part of the alphabet, or "wh" as a sound.  A brief prompt and word example is on the back of each card to help the teacher.  

The charts (8 x 10 on cardstock) share all the rules with a list of words to go with each lesson.  The charts are 12 pages long and are an excellent resource for teaching solid reading skills.

"Adventures in Phonics: Phonics Sounds and Teaching Tips"

This is a CD with a running time of about 25 minutes.

It is designed to help the teacher, or parent, teach a student the phonics sounds.  You will hear all of the letter sounds, as well as teaching tips.  This would be great for those who are teaching reading for the first time.   It is narrated by Mrs. Lindstrom who has a very clear and pleasant voice.  It is a very good resource and will help you feel as if you are not teaching reading alone! 

This post is the tenth in a series of reviews I am doing using Christian Liberty Press curriculum.  I hope to do 2 reviews each month as I work with my grandson for Kindergarten. To start with the first post, please see the introduction:

"24 Years of Homeschooling with Christian Liberty Press"

* Disclosure - I received these items for review purposes.*