Monday, August 27, 2018

The Day Room

A Room in Mrs. White's Vermont Home

Many years ago, when we first bought this house, great-grandfather (my Dad) walked into one of the rooms and called it "The Day Room." I had never heard that term. He was an Army Veteran.  He served during the early 1960's.  In those days the soldiers had a bright, sunny room where they could rest and have their break for games and visiting.  It was called "The day room."  Ever since then, this is what we have affectionately called this room in our home.

The room is technically a bedroom and has been used as such throughout the years. But most often it has been used as a living room or a front parlor.   I very often find myself inviting guests out of my kitchen and into this pleasant room. There is an adjoining bedroom on the other side which is used as a playroom. It is full of toys and little beds. It is enjoyed by all the grandchildren whenever they visit.

The rocking chair by the window belonged to my grandmother.  It is charming and delicate.  I have to steer gentlemen away from it, encouraging them to take a seat on the sofa instead. It has been repaired many times and cannot take a great deal of weight. This is why I love to place floral, feminine blankets and pillows on it so they are not quite as likely to choose it for a seat. (gentle smiles)  It seems like in my grandmother's day, chairs were not as comfortable (or sturdy) and were only designed for a brief rest.

The blue sofa on the left is covered with a blue flowered sheet I inherited from my mother.  Pretty floral patterns are not as common as they used to be, so I am delighted to have this. It is well worn but pretty.  The sofa used to belong to my parents.

There is a very pretty, large green couch on the right.  It was given to my son by an elderly lady from an old family Estate.   He was willing to let me have it, quite a few years ago, for fifty dollars.  I was delighted!  I covered it with a floral quilt to match the curtains on the windows.

You will also see a matching curtain in the doorway.  There has never been a door here. We have always used curtains in this spot.  I believe the previous owners, of our humble old 1850's house, may have taken some of the doors with them when we bought it.  The family included an auctioneer who possibly sold them at a nice profit.

There are sheer tan curtains, behind the floral ones, on the front windows.  They used to be in our bedroom upstairs.  I thought they would look better in this room.  I bought them many years ago, from a clearance pile for four dollars each.

Television set in Mrs. White's home

There is a television set in a corner on the other side of the room.  It is built into a piece of furniture.  We paid twenty dollars for it at some kind of flea market sale.  It is lovely and old fashioned. It works perfectly with a DVD player.  In the photograph above, you will see an old radio on top of the television. This belonged to great-grandfather.

A gold lamp with a cream colored shade, by the window, belonged to my Aunt.  There is another one on the other side of the room.  I love the cozy look of pretty lamplight in a pleasant room.

Back behind the lamp is a wooden TV stand holder.  I often set up one of the tables for my computer in this room. I will sit on the couch and do some writing.  At other times, I will just rest on the couch and watch an old black-and-white movie on a cold winter afternoon.

But most often, I will look into this pretty "day room" and sigh, with a prayer of gratefulness, for a peaceful place to sit and visit.

Mrs. White

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Suzanne said...

You have lovely taste and make a very welcoming home☺️It would be nice to sit with you over tea chatting everything Home making and God’s blessings.
Take care,

Megs said...

Do nice to see a post. What s beautiful room.

Laura Jeanne said...

This is such a beautiful room. Thank you for sharing this part of your home with us. I really enjoy seeing the pretty parts of other people's houses because it gives me ideas on how I might spruce up my own.

Little Penpen said...

I had never heard of a dayroom until I became a nurse and started working in long term care facilities. We had dayrooms there for the residents, hoping to get them out of their bedrooms. Your home is beautiful.

Rhonda said...

What an interesting home you have.
Your day room is so nice. I’m enjoying your home tour.

Mama Said No said...

Charming room. You have such a genteel touch when it comes to décor.

Linda said...

Mrs. White, your day room looks so peaceful. So many family treasures to look at make it even more special .

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Thank you for sharing with us this pleasant day room. Tis lovely and a peaceful place to sit, visit, think, rest and pray. I so enjoyed visiting you today. I have a thing for floral sheets! Love flowers and plants.
God bless,

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

What a lovely room filled with memories.

The Vintage Family said...

What a sweet, lovely room.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. White,

Thank you for your picture tour of this beautiful , peaceful spot to rest ones' weary head. I'm glad you have it, you seem to deserve it because you really love the Lord and work hard at sharing your Christian life and heritage with others online. It is so obvious that God has blessed you with all the rooms you have in this huge , vintage home! My family and I live in a beautiful part of the world, as well. I thank God for all the blessings, I also thank him for you and your writings and photographs. They inspire me so very, very much, I cannot tell!!
love and blessings,

Julie @ My Wee Abode said...

Thank you so much for linking-up at Homestyle Gathering... loved the story and how you described your room. Have a wonderful week!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Thank you for sharing this quiet and pretty room with us, Mrs. White. I too love flowered sheets, table cloths, curtains and what not. You have many wonderful vintage pieces in the room and I'm sure it is a comfort to have them. I have added your link to my party and thank you again for sharing. Blessings to you...Sandi

Mrs.T said...

The "day room" is a lovely name for this quiet and peaceful refuge! What a blessing to have a room like this in one's home! Thanks for sharing.