Thursday, November 8, 2018

Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont

Front View of the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont

This is the second post in my series of touring Vermont.  (Please click on any picture to make them larger.)  I have lived in this state for 15 years and rarely stopped to look at the sights.  Starting last year, I made the effort to stop and visit some of the places that I see on my travels. This does not mean that I would need to spend money, but that I would take a few moments of rest and visit some of these places, instead of just rushing through life and never taking a scenic break.

     The center of Stowe Vermont, as we drove through last Summer

I usually drive through Stowe,Vermont a few times a year. It is the route I take to visit some of my grown children who live a couple of hours away from me.  Stowe is such a beautiful town and we always drive through the main road, where tourists often linger, no matter the season.

Visitor Information Center in the center of town in Stowe, Vermont. We did not have time to go inside, but stopped to take a quick picture on our way through town.

One thing that is exceptional about Vermont is that there are no billboards.  We do not see advertising slogans or any large signs as we drive through the Vermont countryside.  Billboards are not legal in this state.  This keeps our scenery and our visits a peaceful experience.  In order for me to find The Trapp Family Lodge, I always saw a simple sign on the side of the road:

Trapp Family Lodge sign showing it is 5 miles down the road, in Stowe Vermont.

One day I realized it would only be a few minutes out of my way to actually see the famous Trapp Family Lodge. Are you ready for our quick tour in pictures?

Parking Lot with Mountain View at the Trapp Family Lodge.

From what I understand, The Trapp Family Lodge consists of 2,500 acres. We are told that the land reminded the family of their Austrian homeland.  It is open to the public to just walk, or picnic. There is also lodging and a restaurant.  They have many activities for guests including cooking classes, movies, tours, tennis, and much more. For us, we just wanted to look around and take a short little walk on some of the grounds before heading back on the road.

The lounge leading into a library at the Trapp Family Lodge.

The staff was very welcoming and said we could walk anywhere we wanted around the main lodge. We were just asked to avoid going upstairs since that area was for guests who were staying there.  There was a beautiful lounge with a door to a little family library.  Some people were playing checkers at one of the tables. There were also many books and comfortable chairs so visitors could sit and read.

History of the Family on one of the walls.

We made our way downstairs towards a gift shop. The walls had many informative pictures, just as you would see in a museum.  It was wonderful to just linger and read.

Lounge outside the gift shop at the Trapp Family Lodge.

On the lower floor of the main lodge was a comfortable lounge area.  It was so peaceful and quiet. I enjoyed sitting for a little while, and then getting up to look at all the pictures.

Trapp Family Lodge Gift Shop

The Gift shop had many books and music CDs of the Trapp Family singers.  I remember watching The Sound of Music on DVD and hearing the angelic voices of the Trapp family children.  One of the music CDs contained Christmas music, which I thought would be lovely to hear.  We didn't have much money to spend, so we bought a couple of postcards and a refrigerator magnet for a remembrance.

In front of the Main Lodge.

As we stepped outside to go home, we wanted to just take a few more minutes to look at the breathtaking scenery.

A small retail shop at the Trapp Family Lodge

There was a small retail shop down the road a little ways. We did not go inside. The entire property was full of so many sights, but we only saw glimpse of it all.  It was such a pretty day to just walk and look for a few minutes. But we really had to get back on the road.

Retail shop at the Trapp Family Lodge

First, though, I had to get a little closer to this little store.  The flowers, landscaping, and the building itself was so pretty to see.

The grounds of the Trapp Family Lodge

I took one more look at the beautiful grounds by the main Lodge.  There were people walking around and enjoying the serene setting.  It was a lovely break on our little journey as we tour Vermont in our every day life.  Thank you for visiting the Lodge with me!

My next stop will be the King Arthur Flour Campus which we visited early this year.

Mrs. White

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Regina said...

I would love to visit Vermont and I suspect that it's especially pretty at Christmas time! Your pictures definitely are inviting!

Billie Jo said...

Thank you so very much for sharing these beautiful photos.
I have never been to your lovely state, but have always dreamed of going.
So happy to see you here this evening.
I always enjoy my visits here.
I leave feeling peaceful and content. : )

Karla said...

Good Morning Mrs. White, THANK YOU for taking us along on your trips through your beautiful state. Absolutely breathtaking scenery. I didn't realize billboards were illegal in Vermont! I try to learn something new every day, your blog post helped with that. I want to thank you for your humble and faithful postings. You bring a breath of fresh air to my days. Thank you and God Bless you, Karla

Cathy said...

I love the state of Vermont and have traveled there three times...twice to prayer walk.
Then in August of 2017 while vacationing, we actually stayed at the Trapp Family Lodge, and it was a wonderful place!
Thank you for sharing your photos and providing bits of good information.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

What a neat post. I enjoyed the treat of seeing a site that I will never be able to visit.
Laura Lane

Deanna said...

Hello Mrs. White. This was interesting to read and see the pics. Seeing the things about us is a blessing.
God bless,

Barbara said...

My husband and I visited this wonderful place during our Globus (bus) tour during "leaf peeping" season some years ago. Our bus group enjoyed a fantastic lunch there.

I love it that Vermont has no billboards!!! I wish this were true everywhere!

Patty B said...

Thank you for this interesting article! I enjoyed seeing a part of Vermont that I probably will never get the chance to see. I have only been to Vermont once, back in 1980. Vermont is a long, long way from Minnesota where I am.

Amelia said...

Oh so very pretty, such a beautiful view and surroundings.

Thank you for sharing and now you have me on a quest for a Christmas cd by the Von Trapp singers, that sounds just wonderful.

Postcards and a little magnet, those make the best souvenirs for memories.

Your blog is a delight. <3 Such a breath of fresh air and a sincere author to boot. Love, Amelia

obscure said...

We love Stowe! We visit every winter and my husband loves to eat at Von Trapp. It's so gorgeous there and I'm always amazed at how friendly everyone is.