Friday, March 29, 2019

A Visit to King Arthur Flour in Norwich Vermont

Entrance Sign to King Arthur Flour Campus in Vermont

This is the third post in my series of touring Vermont.  (Please click on any picture to make them larger.)  I have lived in this state for 16 years and rarely stopped to look at the sights.  Starting last year, I made the effort to stop and visit some of the places that I see on my travels. This does not mean that I would need to spend money, but that I would take a few moments of rest and visit some of these places, instead of just rushing through life and never taking a scenic break.

History of the Company on the wall outdoors

We were travelling back from an appointment in Southern Vermont last spring.  It was getting close to lunch-time when the King Arthur Flour company sign appeared on the interstate.  I was delighted and surprised when my husband took the exit and said we could stop at their bakery/ café for a quick visit and lunch. I cannot remember this ever happening before. We would normally eat a packed lunch or just wait until we got home.  He did this, of course, to make me happy!

Lobby of King Arthur Flour café and store

As we entered the building, we heard the wonderful sound of musicians!  One of them was playing a violin or fiddle. It sounded so welcoming and fun.  I  love that they were entertaining guests as we wandered around the little bakery café and store.   From what I understand, there is a baking school here as well.  We did not have time to look around, But I have heard their classes are excellent.

Entrance to the King Arthur Flour Store section

The little gift shop was bright and cheery.  They had baking pans, utensils, baking mixes, aprons, treats, and much more. I had a wonderful time just browsing around.

 I had no intention of buying anything because we live on a fixed income. Shopping on impulse is not in our budget.  But then I noticed some beautiful tea towels.  I picked up one with lilacs embroidered on the front. I was just staring at it.  I believe it cost about six dollars.  I was so happy when my husband said I could buy it. "Why not?" he wanted to know.  I suppose the budget could manage that amount. It was the only souvenir of this visit and it was a practical item. 

King Arthur Flour store

I looked around a little more and then we wandered back to the main entrance to find something for lunch.  The café had a tempting display of brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and more.

King Arthur Flour Café

We chose pizza slices.  We ordered these to take with us. We had to get back on the road.  I think we were in the building for about 15 minutes.  It was an exciting rest stop on our journey home.  Very little money was spent and we enjoyed ourselves a great deal.

Thank you for going along with me on this very quick visit to the King Arthur Flour bakery.

My next stop will be the Governor's Mansion, where we enjoyed Afternoon Tea late last summer.

The First Tour was -  A Vermont Christmas Tree Farm.

The Second Tour was - The Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont.

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Tammy said...

I'd love to visit KAF, if we lived up there. :D
The best times are often like this, just browsing a neat shop or other such place, maybe buy a fridge magnet or a snack for a souvenir, take some pics.

Good times. Can't wait for the Gov Mansion!

Cheryl said...

We went in October 2018 over Columbus Day weekend. We couldn't even get into the cafe to buy a snack. Found out later we went on the busiest weekend of the year. Beautiful state and the fall foliage was unbelievable.

Melissa M. said...

Your travels are rich with history! How generous of Mr. White to buy you a tea towel and lunch!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I enjoyed you taking us along for this little outing. ~smile~ I like to buy practical things if I buy anything.

Sandi said...

"I have lived in this state for 16 years and rarely stopped to look at the sights."

Isn't it funny how we don't look at the sights all around us, but travel faraway to see the world?

Deanna said...

Enjoyed this tour in your post!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Isn't it wonderful when our husbands do unexpected things to bring us such joy! What a delight to visit King Arthur Flour and just enjoy all there was to see. Pizza to go sounded pretty wonderful too! It is wonderful to see the sights in your own neighborhood, isn't it! Blessings to you sweet friend :)

Jennifer Williams said...

How fun! I would love to visit King Arthur Flour sometime. I love their newsletters. <3