Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Bible of My Childhood

Inside View of Mrs. White's Bible

A few days ago, just as I was about to start reading the Bible during our evening devotions, I noticed my Bible had broken.  It has been falling apart for many years. Now the cover had detached from the pages of Scripture. I was devastated.

I knew it was my own fault.  I had not taken proper care of it, over these many years.  I used to wonder why people used Bible covers. Now I know. 

 Many years ago, when I was a child, my parents gave me this precious Bible. They had my name inscribed on the front cover. It has my full maiden name. The Bible came in a sturdy box with a cover.  I have carried it with me throughout my childhood, and into my married years.  Sometime, over many moves, the box broke and could not be fixed.

I have read from the pages of this Bible nearly every day for decades. It is my most treasured possession.  There are a few minor scribbles, or a random pen mark, which came when I was a young mother and my little ones had gotten into it.   There is one tiny piece of a page missing, which a baby had gently grabbed when I was not being careful.  This Bible has tear marks from those difficult days when I cried and prayed as I read for comfort. It is a precious and dearly beloved book I have had since I was a young girl.

First pages of Mrs. White's Bible showing the name of the publisher.

When I noticed the cover had detached, I started to panic.  I felt terrible. I knew I should have reverenced it more. I should have put it aside in a box, or Bible cover, when it was not in use. It should have been kept up high, away from danger, whenever it was not in use.  It would still have some damage from so much use all these years, but at least it would have remained intact.

My husband said I should put this one aside to save (as a vintage treasure) and get a new Bible. He said I would love it just as much.  I thought it was a good idea.  I would have my married name on the cover of this new one.   But then I started to search for one just like this.  It was printed in England.  It is excellent quality, easy to read, and easy to study. I could not find anything close to it.  It was so discouraging!

Inside view of Mrs. White's Bible showing it was printed in England by "Her Majesty's Printers."

I wanted so dearly to get another "King James" Bible published in England.  But one could not be found.

My next idea was to simply get a Bible cover and help protect it while I carefully read each day.  But the prices of covers (of pretty ones) are so expensive.  I finally decided I would make my own simple, homemade cover for now.

I found some scrap fabric and a couple of pink zippers.  I would make up a plain pattern and see how it turned out. There would be a pretty floral fabric and then a lining of plain beige to keep it sturdy.

Setting up the Sewing project to Make a cover for Mrs. White's Bible

I will sew this by hand, over the next few days.  I will still search for a similar Bible, but I realize it may not happen.  I will also save up to buy a pretty "real" cover over the next few months.  In the meantime, this home-style cover will help me remember to take extra care of the fragile Bible of my childhood.

Mrs. White's Childhood Bible on the fabric for the cover.

Mrs. White

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Judy said...

My husband gave me a new Bible for Christmas and was able to find one just like my worn out Old-Faithful, only with some upgrades--few more maps and more study helps in the back. I was so thrilled; my old one had been in a Bible cover for years because it was falling apart.

Judy said...

P.S. Mine was/is also KJV printed in England by Cambridge printers. Ours may be the same kind

Mary said...

I looked on for a KJV bible printed in England and I found this one

Is this what you may be looking for?

Unknown said...

You are blessed. You have a rich heritage far beyond what I had growing up as a child. You have a deep rich heart and love for God far beyond my own. I wish I had a heart like yours with a deep love for God. I hope that God gives you just what you need because He sees the desire of your heart.

Southern Ladye said...

"A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to a person whose life is not." This is one of my favorite quotes. I pray you find a new one like you want.

Patty B said...

A well used Bible is a good thing! Someone once told me that if a Bible is falling apart, it probably belongs to a person whose life is not falling apart. I am sure you will soon find a new Bible, meanwhile the repairs you are making will only enhance the treasured Bible you already own. Perhaps you could glue the binding a little to keep it together?

Jessica said...

As much as I understand the sadness behind needing to purchase a new Bible, I now have a different perspective.
My grandfather was a pastor so he had a small collection of Bible's in different translations he would refer to as he prepared his sermons. The Christmas after he passed away, my grandmother gifted all of us one of his Bible's. The one I received was used towards the end of his life, so very little is written or highlighted, but the first mark he made was Deuteronomy 4:9 <3

Dianne said...

If all of your readers could just chip in $5 perhaps you could send it out to be re-bound …? There is a place near us that does this sort of thing (in PA). Perhaps someplace would pop up if a search done from VT? It is not cheap to do … but might be so worth it …

Dana said...

I think a used Bible is highly prized! I read Ruth Bell Graham had a "Bible Belt" for her Bible from her days in a boarding school. Hers was literally falling apart. My current Bible was my husband's before we were married and it is starting to show its wear. I tried to find one similar and they just don't make them like they did over 25 years ago.

Amelia said...

Oh dear, I know how things like this feel. I too have had some childhood treasures deteriorate because I didn't handle them or care for them delicately enough, just kind of taking them for granted thinking they would never wear out.

That would be wonderful if you could get it rebound, and I think the sweet cover you made is beautiful. Very fitting.

I hope all is well, it's been such a busy time for me and I look forward to getting back into the swing of things. : )

Love, Amelia

Judy said...

P.P.S. Mine came from CBD (Christian Book Distributors)

Janine said...

I think it is wonderful that it is so used. I agree with Southern Ladye's comment! I just enjoyed listening to 2 of the sermons you recommend on your site. Very encouraging!

Angela said...

My bible is getting old also but I still love it. A cloth cover would be a great idea!

Lana said...

It is really fairly easy to repair a binding yourself. There are many videos on youtube that show how to go about it and the only item needed is some acid free glue. Once the repair is done it should be able to be kept in a cover and used for sometime to come. My husband and I have repaired many books and it is quite easy. Our daughter is an artist who hand binds books so having seen it done made us realize that it is not a mysterious process.

Deborah Montgomery said...

I think this is such a lovely tale of a much-loved and precious Bible. I do hope you'll be able to preserve it. xo

Mrs. White said...

I am so encouraged by all these comments and wonderful ideas! Some have emailed me with notes as well.

With the help of readers, I was able to find the current publisher of the "Authorized" Bibles which are printed in England. The name of the publisher is R.L. Allan ("Her Majesty's Printers") and have been publishing since the 1800's. Their King James Bibles are beautiful!

But as I have been searching and thinking about it, I dearly treasure the Bible that my parents gave me. For now, I believe the homemade Bible cover will work well.

Thank you so much for your wonderful encouragement!