Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Secretary to the Master

View to the porch at Mrs. White's home in Vermont.

In the old days, it was important to keep a daily account of one's life.   Journals and diaries were written by many, including ministers, missionaries, and farm wives.  Often, when we go about our labor, we may forget the purpose of our lives.  We may live in a way that is easy to forget, thinking that it doesn't matter.

Yet the very shortness of our lives ought to help us realize that each day, each month, each year, is valuable to the Lord.  

As we greet visitors to our homes, do the grocery shopping, care for the children, and keep house, we can do it all for the Lord, with joy, with dignity, and with grace.  We will make a greater effort if we know we are going to write it down in a book.

Some of the old diaries might only mention the weather, the gardening, or the names of the guests who came by.  It may record special events, happy moments, and memorable sayings.  Some days there may be more to say than others. But the habit of writing a journal, in a real notebook, will provide a time of contemplation, devotion, and an appreciation for life.  It may very well bring peace, especially if one does not abuse the journal with words of frustration, negativity, or bitterness.  Write about the beauty of one's days. Think on the best parts of what is happening in your life and put those precious thoughts in the book.  This will give you a beautiful scene of your life, taken from the rubble of the chaos that surrounds all of us.

There is a great deal of peace and joy when driving down the street on the way to do the errands,  when sweeping the kitchen floor, or when rocking a baby in the nursery.  Each little act, done with love and care, may very well remind one that our work on this earth is intended for a greater, eternal purpose.  

As we write our diaries, recording our days, we are doing the work of a secretary. We are keeping an account of our time. One could very well be called a "Secretary to the Master," doing his precious work every day of our lives.



Mrs. White

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ladypinktulip said...

Mrs. White. I read old time housewife journals. I currently an in a wonderful book The Measure of a Life Ruth Hostettler. A journal of her life from child to eldery. It is so comforting it is a thick book and well worth the price. I now am keeping my own daily journal of ordinary days because there is profit in all labor. I love your books. I am homebound and disabled but full of joy. Mrs. K Thompson

Deanna said...

Hello from Kansas. Stopping by to see what you are up to and this post is lovely. Autumn arrives tomorrow and this year I believe I am ready for it.

Cate Nunan said...

Hello Mrs.White,

It was timely to see your post as I read Proverbs 31 in my Bible study time this morning and really took note of how she was clothed with strength and dignity. We can do the same, gliding more elegantly through our days. I agree that we easily forget what we accomplished. I have a diary of my Aunt's and in it I found my teenage self, up to their farm for a visit. She faithfully recorded each day and yes, it was mundane things but also those beautiful moments in nature. I like the idea of being Secretary to the Master - it will make me take more care with my tasks and my day. Blessings from Australia, Cate Nunan

Mrs. Crane said...

Dear Mrs. White,
It has been quite a while since I’ve been around. I’m reading your books over again and am so encouraged. I just moved back to my house after 6 years and the person living here did not care for it, so I’m struggling through some heavy messes. But you encourage me to take it one step at a time. I started with my room so I have somewhere to get away.

I crochet, (back to making shawls), embroider, sew a bit. In general I enjoy fussing around. ��

I was so excited to find you had printed another book in the time I was out of touch. I read them and Mother Connies every day.

Blessings, Anita

Homemaker's Heart said...

Hello Mrs. White, What lovely reminder to write down our days, our journey. I am a paper and pen gal and also still have a flip phone and a corded house phone, but I would like to add that, for me, writing a small post done weekly on a blog can provide such inspiration or encouragement to many women who may not be in our "circle" of influence.
There are many young women writing blogs about homemaking and de-cluttering, but what about those of us who have a few years behind us? The writing of our ordinary days - at least for me- I find people are fascinated with and gives them ideas for their own life. Even if I am stumbling through menopause and forget things all the time now.
We can hold on to the ways of those who have gone before us and with joy and grace from the Lord, and bless our families. It's the simple things the creating a home does that people who come by my home sit down, breath and say "wow! Your home is lovely and cozy". That is worth it all.

gail said...

What a lovely post Mrs White. I used to journal all the time, however of late I have got out of the habit of writing the daily happenings down. You’ve inspired me to start this up again. We are having a beautiful spring morning here on the east coast of Australia. We are still in lock down, however I’m achieving many projects and I’m loving the quietness of our home right now. We usually have many visitors and it’s nice to just be the two of us for awhile.
Blessings to you and your readers here,
From Gail.

Paula Alexandra Santos said...

Hello, Mrs. White!
I always love to read your blog and everytime I see you wrote something new, I'm excited to read it, because I know I am going to learn something!
I never thought about us, christian women, being secretaries to the Master. It is a big and wonderful responsability, isn't it?
I saw in your blog that you have a P.O. Box address, and I would like to know if it is still active, because I wanted to write you a letter. If that is okay with you, of course!
Have a blessed day!


Kim H said...

Greetings, Mrs. White-
Thank you for this celebration of the glory of daily life. I have recently finished your Elizabeth Prentiss and Psalms study, which is such a wonderful exercise! As I look out at the corn harvest happening just past my backyard, I am cheered once again by the gifts given by the Lord, right here, right now. Thank you again for your post.

Linda said...

Dear Mrs White,
thank you for this lovely writing. I've just re-read it again tonight and wanted to leave a comment and let you know that. I especially liked the way you encourage us all to consider all that we do 'as unto the Lord' and to do it with dignity and grace. I went to bed thinking about those words and it made me feel peaceful and happy about my work here at home. blessings to you ~ Linda

Patti said...

Secretary to the Master---I love that title! I have been faithfully keeping a journal for about 15 years; my mom, however, has been doing so for almost as long as I've been alive (60 years). She records the weather every single day, along with a short snippet of the day's events. If I wondered what the weather was like or what happened in her life on, say, March 10,, 1974, she could easily tell me! I have long been inspired by this habit.

Blessings to you!

Amelia said...

Oh such a sweet peace here... I love your writing and lately have felt the same... There is just nothing like the sweet quiet of homemaking and that quiet communion with the Lord. Writing in a journal like you describe sounds so nice, just a quiet and praiseful rythym. I'm so glad I happened to catch your new entry here. I enjoyed it thoroughly and oh it did my heart good. Lately it seems I've been so very discouraged on blogging and your blog brought me back home to peace. Nothing can compare to that quiet personal time with the Lord as we serve Him in our homes. It's true what you shared about journaling, I have a piece on rough note papter I wrote when my two oldest girls were little, and it is something I hang onto, a treasure. I should write quietly in my own journal as you describe. So thankful for you.

Love, Amelia