Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Sunday Driver

A pond near Mrs. White's home, as Autumn unfolds in Vermont.


In the old days, we used to see someone driving along slowly around the neighborhood. They were driving peacefully and enjoying the scenery around them.  They were not in a hurry.  There was no rush.  They were enjoying the day.  We used to call them "Sunday Drivers" because it was often a wonderful event to take a leisurely ride in the country, on a Sunday afternoon. 

I have read, in old literature from the 1800's, that drives in the country were greatly enjoyed. They were considered healthy and beneficial.  This was a form of recreation and wholesome entertainment. 

As we are seeing the leaves change, here in rural Vermont, the beauty around us is quieting.  It is soothing.  It is lovely.  We are enjoying little Sunday drives, which bring us a great deal of peace. The fresh mountain air, and the Autumn landscape bring happiness and rest.

I hope you are staying well and safe!


Mrs. White


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Patty B said...

Fall is such a pretty time of the year! My favorite. We had beautiful leaves this year, but they are gone now. Our fall doesn't last very long up here in Minnesota so we have to enjoy every minute we can. Very nice photo of your nearby lake!

Cate Nunan said...

Dear Mrs White, my husband and I took a Sunday drive into the country near our regional town on Sunday. we love doing that and laugh at each other for being old people who now go on Sunday drives! We ended up driving for 2 hours out into roads and lanes that we never knew existed and we were in no rush. It is Spring here and the countryside looks lovely.


Cate Nunan

gail said...

Oh yes Mrs White, here in Australia when I was young we used to go for a Sunday Drive. My Dad would buy us all an ice cream cone and we would sit in the car at a beach or park and quietly enjoy the view and family time together. I am much older now and my husband and I still often go for a little drive and sit somewhere with a nice view and eat an ice cream. We really enjoy each other’s company.
Blessings Gail.

ladypinktulip said...

My family, then my husband and I have done Sunday drives. I cannot get out anymore, but I sure do have wonderful memories of driving out to the country or to the mountains, getting an ice cream cone. All our best talks happened on those drives and that was even before technology.

Kathy said...

My husband and I still take Sunday drives even though we live in the country. I remember falling asleep as a child when my parents did this. Today my husband will take me if I’m feeling sad and it somehow comforts me!

Judy said...

Dear Mrs. White. Your writings always bring me peace. Thank you for beautifying our days with lovely thoughts.
May we “stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; And you shall find rest for your souls.”. Jeremiah 6:16a

Paula Alexandra Santos said...

That view is beautiful!
These days everyone is always in a rush and at least here in Portugal, to call someone a Sunday Driver is understood as a bad thing. It means that person is stopping the other cars to go faster, but I agree that if we all just slowed down, this would be a more peaceful world.
That way, we could enjoy everything Our Heavenly Father created!

Patti said...

I have only been to New England one time, and that was in the month of May (2003), so I have never experienced your kind of fall. Everyone says fall in New England is more beautiful than anywhere else in the U.S. Maybe one day....

I have fond memories of taking Sunday drives when I was little (1960's). I still like to go for drives, but unless one gets off the main roads, cars are speeding by at 80 MPH, so it can be a little stressful.

Patti @ Leaving a Legacy

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White, It would awesome to visit your part of the country in Autumn. I'd love to see first hand the countryside while the trees are changing. For now, I will enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing about this beautiful part of the world. Sunday drives are on my to do list this year. It is so peaceful in the country. Blessings to you,

Marilyn said...

Ah such wonderful memories this has evoked. How I miss those wonderful times. We never had much money for entertainment but those peaceful country drives with our little family were a big part of my life growing up. I am 77 and still miss my parents and their love all these years later. So thankful for the memories

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

My husband and I are planning a relaxing drive into the Ozark Missouri mountains this weekend!
Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,
Mrs. Laura Lane

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to write. I was born in CT and lived in MA for quite awhile and am now living in NC since Dec. of 1992 with my husband of 61 years. I find VT to be awe inspiring and especially colorful in autumn and am thankful we were able to travel to that state several times.

I find that others and I visit the same sites. How lovely it would be if we all could get together and share our love in the Lord Jesus. Someday that will happen...hope it's soon.

May our Lord bless you and your family.

Amelia said...

I love taking drives with my husband, it's a nice time to just look at the scenery and the farms and to contemplate and thank the Lord and even pray. I used to love driving down the country roads with my daughters, I would exclaim..."We are so blessed!"

Your area must be just gorgeous now. Thank you for your sweet words and peace, it brings us to a place where it feels as if we have a kindred spirit friend.

Love, Amelia

Leslie McKinley said...

I have many memories of Sunday drives. My dad loved to drive us near the orange orchards where the blossoms smelled heavenly! He would always accelerate on the hills so we would sail over the other side like on a roller coaster. We would always watch for wildlife and were never disappointed. Sometimes we would even spy a kit fox which was native to my valley in central CA.

Sandi in FL said...

We call them jaunts, and many drives in nature of the past year and a half have saved our sanity!

Lady Locust said...

I remember being "loaded up" in the car and our family going for a drive. Our colors are just beginning to change here out west. Beautiful~