Sunday, October 17, 2021

Aunt Janes Hero by Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss


We have just published the second edition in our series of books by Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss.  I have been transcribing old literature and wanted to bring the writings into a series of books.  I am focusing on the works of Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss right now.  Her stories have greatly encouraged and inspired me.

"Aunt Jane's Hero" was originally published in 1871.  Today, we present to you a new edition from The Legacy of Home Press.


It is available in both paperback and hardcover.  Both editions are 185 pages.  The hardcover edition is especially sturdy and beautiful and will make an excellent addition to any home library. 

  Here is a description and information about our edition: 

"Historic religious fiction at its finest, on the making of a Christian home and a godly marriage.  "Aunt Jane's Hero" is both somber, at times, and sad in the telling. Yet it brings triumphant tears and cheer throughout. Follow along with Horace and Maggie Wheeler as they set up a modest home in a poor neighborhood.    They are encouraged and mentored by their dear, elderly Aunt Jane.    This story takes place in war-time during the late 1800's.  We read of domestic life during this period, which inspires and instructs the reader to set up their own humble home regardless of one's surroundings.  The Wheeler's beautiful way of life and Christian growth, amidst poverty and trials, is a joy to read.

  This edition is republished from the 1871 book and was written by Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss (1818 - 1878). She was the daughter of a New England clergyman, and the wife of a minister. She was the mother of six children and the author of several inspiring stories, including "Stepping Heavenward," and "The Little Preacher."  Her writings continue to encourage and bless readers all over the world."




  - Special features of the current edition, published by The Legacy of Home press, include:

   1.) Introductory Notes include reviews (from 1871) of "Aunt Jane's Hero."

   2.) Mrs.White  has written a foreword to the book.

   3.) The cover photo is of a room in the Lincoln mansion in Manchester, Vermont and was taken by Mrs. White. The covers in this series of books are intended to show some of the scenery of Vermont. The Prentiss family built a  house in Dorset, Vermont in 1869.  This was where Mrs. Prentiss spent her last 10 summers.

                                                                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This book is the second in a series of books we are reprinting by Mrs. Prentiss.  Below you will find a link to each edition of "Aunt Jane's Hero." 

"Aunt Jane's Hero" - The paperback edition.

ISBN:  978-1956616026

185 pages.

6 x 9





"Aunt Jane's Hero" - 
The hardcover edition.

ISBN:  978-1956616033

185 pages.

6 x 9 

If you are able to get a copy of this book and like it, it would be a great help to me if you will write a review on Amazon. Thank you!

Our first book in this series - "Stepping Heavenward."


I hope you enjoy these books! 


Mrs. White


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I look forward to reading this. I just loved Stepping Heavenward.