Thursday, June 23, 2022

Quiet Duties of Home

"The Garland" by Frederick Morgan.

 I have been doing a great many things here at the Estate.  We are having cool summer days and enjoying our little village in our mountains of New England.  The work of keeping house, of being a wife, mother, and grandmother, are works of labor and of dedication and love.

We have been saving money by avoiding the use of paper plates and paper napkins.  I like to have those items on hand in case of sickness or emergency, but generally we do not want to use them.  This, of course, makes more work for me in the kitchen. Yet, it helps to make life pretty when I set the table with my nice dishes.   

Throughout the day, I take breaks from my projects and clean the kitchen.  I polish the silverware with a kitchen towel and put them away.  All the cups, plates, and bowls are washed and returned to their rightful place in the cabinet.  As I work, I hear the rushing sound of the river from our back property. I hear the sweet chirping of birds and the gentle rustling of the leaves in the wind.  It is peaceful work.

I have been sorting through my home library and finding as many children's books as I can.  These have been added to a small bookcase in our guest room.  Whenever the grandchildren come for a visit, they are delighted to look through the books and settle on the couch to read.  They have been enjoying a comic book of "Family Circus," several little biographies, assorted picture books with beautiful illustrations, and the usual assortment of "Little Critter" and "The Berenstein Bears."   I am always delighted when I can add some new reading treasure to the bookcase.  This makes the children happy!

One day, I found some old math workbooks from when my children were homeschooled.  These had never been used.  They were level books focusing on specific math skills such as subtraction or addition. I put these in with the other books for the grandchildren.   Several days went by before they even noticed them in the little bookcase.  They came out of the room, excitedly holding the books, and wondering if they could use them.  "Of course," I told them, as I sat nearby on the couch.  I had only three rules.  They could do any page they liked, but they must write the date, their name, and they must complete an entire page.  They took pencils and their books and rushed to a cozy spot in the downstairs livingroom.  While some of the younger children played, the older ones had a wonderful time occupied with math books, just for fun!

We have had company several days each week.  This includes my grown children and grandchildren.  Their visits are such a blessing and a joy to our days.  I try to make sure we have homemade muffins or some fruit to serve. 

On quiet days, when it is just "us" here at home, I take little walks on the property to check on my flowers, to visit the tiny vegetable garden, and to see our strawberry and blueberry patches by the back river.  These walks are very tiring, but the fresh air and sunshine are beneficial.  Soon I am back indoors to tidy rooms and make our home look pleasant and inviting.

I do some office work of handling bills, writing in my money diary, and making notes in my calendar planner.  Then I do a little laundry before sitting down to read with a bit of tea.  I love the gentle duties of home life, making a nest where we can rest and have peace in our hearts. It is a quiet work of service, dedicated with love. 


Mrs. White

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Glenda said...

Your posts are always a blessing. They bring such peace and encouragement to your readers. Thank you.

Marilyn said...

You are such a dear friend even though we have never met. I have been having varied difficulties of late. Nothing big in and of themselves, but together a bit trying. It was wonderful to read your blog this AM. Perfect timing. It is so joyful to know that there are others who feel about homemaking as I do. I am a 78 year old widow who has a precious 26 year old granddaughter[greatest blessing in this current life :)] with Lennox-Gestaut Syndrome and her mom with anxiety problems living with me. It is stressful at times, but having the Lord by my side taking care of us is something that I wish everyone could experience.
My blessing to you for the serenity you bring to my heart.

Kim H said...

Thank you, Mrs. White! I’ve been feeling dreary and this post really brightened me up! It made me realize the delight in my life of having a slow pace, being able to pay attention to my favorite dishes, reading and other simple things. I appreciate the effort!

Elizabethd said...

I love to have 'quiet days' when there is nothing planned, but time just to enjoy the things around us.

Billie Jo said...

I am inspired to be more mindful and appreciative every time I visit here, Mrs. White. The joy you find in homemaking is the same for me. Thank you for reaffirming my vocation. Have a cozy day!

Homemaker's Heart said...

What a lovely post of your day. I felt as if I was walking with you to check on the flowers, vegetables and the blueberry bushes.

I am grateful to read how and when you take breaks in your day. I find I can get very focused and want to finish what I am working on, but the truth is I'm tired and if I walk away to rest I don't know if I will get back to what it was I was working on.

I read this morning about keeping vigilant for God's voice as I go through the day. A skill I am still working on so I can have gentler and smoother days according to Him.
Thank you for sharing your day.
~Mrs Peterson

Amelia said...

Oh so wonderful to see a new entry by Mrs. White. : )

It's such a comfort to be acquainted with another Mimi who also enjoys finding sweet books for the grandchildren, so precious are your ideas. I have lately placed some sweet books on a little coffee table in our living room, it's a coffee table by the wall that I place our Christmas tree on at Christmas time. That way the little ones can leisurely go to the little table and look at the books I placed there and I'm awaiting maybe some nature finds to place there too.

I too am finding creative ways to save a little money here and there and so enjoy reading your ideas and thoughts. Love your little walks on the property there, I do the same and it gives me a huge boost to hear of your day, it gives me a little fellowship in this day and age. Please never underestimate the boost you may be giving to other Mimis and mommies out here. Just took your latest book out of town and so enjoyed leisurely reading and gleaning...Just wonderful.

Blessings to you Mrs. White, You are appreciated, With Sisterly Love in Christ, ~Amelia in the Forest

Leslie McKinley said...

Thank you for sharing your gentle days with us. So pleasant! I long to be a grandmother someday as well, but my 3 eldest children are schooling and waiting on God for a mate. I wouldn't have it any other way.