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The Little Preacher

                   The Legacy of Home Press presents:  "The Little Preacher"

"The Little Preacher" was written in the 1800's by Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss.  It is a beautiful story of life for a family on a farm in Germany.  They are incredibly industrious!  (I have not read of such industry at home other than in "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder!)

I have read this book several times, over many years.  It is about young Herman who grows up to be a clergyman.  There are hardships and trials but also blessings and Christian growth.  There is a loving, praying Grandmother who is a gentle and quiet, godly influence. 


Some years ago, I shared a quote from this book. It is on the left sidebar of this blog.

 It is as follows:

 "As to her, like most women, she had but one ambition. To be a good wife and a good mother, and to be beloved by her husband and children, was all she asked. [She was] a busy, affectionate, cheerful little housewife, whose voice would never be heard in the streets, but whose memory would always live in a few faithful hearts." 

 - from "The Little Preacher"


I transcribed this book from the 1874 edition, with a touch of gentle editing.  The book includes three original illustrations. The cover is a picture I took a few years ago. Early one morning, here in Vermont, I was driving by a farm.  The landscape and skyline were stunning.  I stopped and got a picture.  I didn't know it would end up being the perfect image for the cover of this book!

 This new edition of "The Little Preacher" was just published by The Legacy of Home Press.

  The book covers, in this series, are intended to show some of the scenery of Vermont. The Prentiss family built a  house in Dorset, Vermont in 1869.  This was where Mrs. Prentiss spent her last 10 summers.

                                                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This book is the fourth in a series of books we are reprinting by Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss.  Below you will find a link to both the paperback and hardcover editions of "The Little Preacher." 



"The Little Preacher" - The paperback edition.

ISBN:  978-1956616101

109 pages.

6 x 9


"The Little Preacher" - 
The hardcover edition.

ISBN:  978-1-956616-09-5

109 pages.

6 x 9 

If you are able to get a copy of this book and like it, it would be a great help to me if you will write a review on Amazon. Thank you!

Our first book in this series - "Stepping Heavenward."

Our second book in this series - "Aunt Jane's Hero.

Our third book in this series - "The Flower of the Family."


 I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do!



Mrs. White


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