Tuesday, November 22, 2022

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

Library of Congress: "Setting the table" on Thanksgiving, Crouch Family 1940, CT.

I love the old fashioned dinner. It was common to get together after church, on Sundays, for a big family meal. Since this does not seem to be as prevalent today, a time of gathering is especially meaningful on Thanksgiving.  It reminds one of the old days and how wonderful it is to join together for a big family dinner. I have often heard comments such as, "Why don't we do this more often?"

Library of Congress: "Mrs. Crouch in the kitchen," Thanksgiving, 1940, CT.


It is a blessing for the family to all be together, enjoying a bountiful feast in the old family home. We would have Mother and Father, of course. There may also be Grandparents there, to the delight of all.  There would be children - young and old. There may be cousins, aunts, and uncles.  It is a wonderful time to fellowship and enjoy delicious home cooking.


Library of Congress: "Reading the paper, waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner," 1940 CT.


Someone is in the kitchen peeling potatoes. Another is helping set the table. Perhaps Grandmother is setting out the dessert table with pies and cakes. And while all the work is going on, there are times of rest to wait for the food to be ready.


Library of Congress: "The Children's Table at Thanksgiving." Crouch Family, 1940, CT.


Extra chairs are brought in from the bedrooms and living room.  A Children's table is set up for extra seating.  There is plenty of room for all the family.  We often use our best dishes and dress in our nicest clothing. We look our best to present a message of the importance of our time together on such an occasion.


Library of Congress: "A View into the Kitchen on Thanksgiving." Crouch Family, 1940, CT.


How wonderful to talk and laugh and visit while everyone is leisurely eating.  Generous platters of food are passed around.  Dessert is served to grateful relatives. All are welcome. All are loved.

 Thanksgiving is a time of old fashioned homemaking, sharing a love of home and family. It is an opportunity for the most humble prayers, for blessings received and appreciated, despite all the hard days we have endured. 

We thank Thee, Oh Lord, for your merciful kindness and goodness this Thanksgiving and always. Amen.


Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Mrs. White!

Linda said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mrs White and to your family. We don't celebrate it here in New Zealand, but I have always thought of it as a wonderful thing to do at anytime ~ Blessings to you ~Linda

Amelia said...

Hope you have a sweet Thanksgiving day with your family, or as my little grandson says, he can't wait for "Thank you" day!

I've been getting ready for a month or so, just doing little by little, I look forward to an old fashioned Thanksgiving in our home.

Love the vintage photos, just love them. I just purchased four copies of 1935 and 1936 'Farmer's Wife' magazines, they are fascinating. Another world, another time, so innocent...Reading of college age young adults and the sweet games they would play at their parties, it's sad how things have changed. But we can keep things like that in our homes right?

Take care now, God bless. ~Amelia

Rebecca Knox said...

This post brought up many happy memories of days gone by...of spending Thanksgiving at Grandpa and Grandma's as a child with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins there...everyone doing just as you described here. Thanks for the memories! Means a lot! Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours! <3

gracielynn's said...

Blessings to you & yours this Thanksgiving :-)

Rhonda said...

Hello Mrs. White, your article very much describes the holidays of my childhood ❤️

Billie Jo said...

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family! I enjoyed the vintage photographs and your writing as well. Have a cozy day!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. White and family. God's continued blessings on you all. ~ FlowerLady

Ashley said...

Thank you for sharing this. Your last paragraph and prayer were a helpful encouragement and comfort to me as this Thanksgiving has carried difficult pain with extended family. I am thankful to have found your blog. It has become one of my favorite reading spots online. :)

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Dear Mrs. White,
That is much as I remember the Thanksgivings of my childhood. No one missed because they were working, and there was no running thither and yon to different houses. Life has become so complicated.
I'm glad that you share these things so that the younger generations can see how it was and aspire to make it more so. Ane the older generations can remember a simpler though not easier time.
I am thankful for your friendship and your blog. Watch for a card from me in the next few weeks.
Your friend across the miles,
Mrs. Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage