Friday, February 10, 2023

A Comfortable Home Library

Library of Congress: Drawing Room in a New York Home. (Click on photo to make it larger.)

In previous years there would be a beautiful room in some homes called a Drawing Room. It was a room for visiting, resting with the family, and enjoying a time of fellowship.  Some might call it a parlour or home library. Today, we have what is known as a living room. 

I like the idea of having a room in the house for a library. It would be a place where we are able to play the piano, sing hymns, take tea, listen to a sermon on CD, and just visit with family and guests.  There would be no computer or television in this special room.  It is a room surrounded by pretty things and culture which brings beauty and peace into our day.

A home library takes years to build up a collection of quality books. My library also contains a collection of sermons. I have a variety of CDs and DVDs of sermons by different ministers, but my largest collection includes the ones from In Touch Ministry with Dr. Charles Stanley.  I have been listening to him off and on over many years.  I first saw him on a television set when I was a teenager. My father was sitting in the recliner on a Sunday evening and called me into the room. He asked me to watch the sermon with him. We both loved him and were blessed to hear his preaching.

Last year I received a gift from one of my grown children. It is an organizer case which holds 96 CDs or DVDs.  It has a pretty outer color and a zipper closure. 


Mrs. White's Sermon Organizer in a zippered case.

I have several free sermons which were offered by the ministry. Over many years, when money was available, I would purchase sermons from them as well. I now keep them in alphabetical order so they are easy to find. This case has a mixed set of both CDs and DVDs. It is my hope to someday get a second organizer. This will allow me to fill one with CDs and the other with DVDs.

Each Wednesday evening, I select one of the DVDs from this case and watch a sermon with the family.  On Sunday afternoons, my husband and I watch a sermon on television. I also take notes of each sermon we watch. I write out the day, time, title of sermon, and then take notes.  I have marked many of the pages with stars so I know those are the ones I want to buy on DVD and add to my collection. Once I am able to get the sermon on DVD or CD, I go back to my sermon notebook and write at the very bottom that I have it on either DVD or CD.

I also have many books that I love to choose from. It is lovely to read in a pretty room. These are peaceful moments of recreation.  I also enjoy dusting and tidying the beautiful room and looking out the window. To vacuum and clean a lovely room is a quiet act of duty which brings happiness and joy to our lives.

When one must be away from home for errands and such, it is encouraging to know there is a comfortable room at home to find rest and peace after being out in the stress of the city.


Mrs. White

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Marsha Harrup said...


Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...

Beautiful, I love your thoughts on this post! Have a lovely week!

Mrs. Crane said...

My books are all packed in boxes right now because my furnace has a soot problem. Monday someone is coming to check it out and give me an estimate. I’m hoping to get it cleaned out and working properly so I can give the house a good cleaning and set up my library/tea room again. I enjoy your “visits” so much! Blessings ❤️

Mrs Kimberly Hageman said...

Dear Mrs. White,
I have worked on my home library all my adult life and it brings us so much joy. My daughter even started her own with classic children’s literature, which I’m sure you know, is terribly enjoyable for all ages. Here’s my fun fact! The other day I realized we have 5 copies of Little Women! Some are the full book, two are from my childhood and two my daughter purchased when she was younger, so they are smaller versions, yet still so delightful! It is my favorite book and as you can see, I never tire of reading it! Thank you for your posts. They always serve to remind me that it is “ok” to be a homebody as I am:).

Billie Jo said...

Lovely! I often wish I could have lived before so much technology. Thank you for providing a calm, cozy space for us!

Vee said...

Oh I like Dr. Stanley as well. He has such a gentle way of teaching and preaching. I am grateful for You Tube where I can find many wonderful sermons. Currently, I am listening to Alistair Begg. He is also gentle and has a delightful sense of humor.

I did order the book. It should be arriving early next week.

Have a blessed weekend.

Elizabethd said...

Books are such an important part of a home. Mine tend to overflow!

Homemaker' said...

I, too, love In Touch Ministries with Charles Stanley. Such a good idea to have all those CD's with his sermons - I'm going to have to look into that (and find one of those CD cases to hold them in!). Thank you for sharing, Mrs. White. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Amelia said...

Yes, I agree, it's so important to have quality books that are sweet and reflect the Father's character. I too keep our library up to date, both for our married daughters and now for our grandchildren, I place the books around my little breakfast area so the little grandchildren can 'read' them. : ) Our daughters know they can mention special books too that we can put on the 'list'. Just ordered two of my little grandsons's several of the 'Questions for God' books (used) by Ken Ham. One of my little grandsons at almost four years of age is wondering why he can't get in a rocket and go see God?

Your books are very special and ones I have gifted our grown daughters, why not invest in these kinds of sweet things? I love it now that our grown daughters are buying the same little children's books for their Bible study time and Christmas Advent season that they too used! Things are caught so many times...Our children know that we loved homemaking and our families. They knew and know and also value homemaking and gladly make those sacrifices.

Love reading here, it's a peaceful place and it's hard to find fellowship these days. I noticed one of your readers here mentioned Alistair Begg, I like him too, and also there is a pastor from Tennessee that my husband and I listen to on Sunday...His name is Alan Jackson. It's so nice that you collect the cds of Charles Stanley, he has such a gentle way and I appreciate that.

You are just such a breath of sweet, fresh air, be encouraged today! May we all encourage one another and lift each other up! : )

Love, Amelia

Laura Jeanne said...

I am going to listen to some sermons now by Dr. Charles Stanley. I had not heard of his ministry before you mentioned it. Thank you for the recommendation. <3

Jenny of Elefantz said...

When we homeschooled we had a large home library, and I found it to be one of things I missed when the children grew up and left home.
We moved a lot across Australia, and when we finally settled and were able to buy our first home 4 years ago (aged 59) there was no room to keep too many books or set up a library again. Our home is very modest, but what I did was go through each book we still had (when we moved in) and decide what had real value with regards to our faith, home, health, and interests.
My daughter has three children and over time many of our old treasured tomes have been handed on to her, and others I now read to the grandchildren. Such a blessing.
Having sermons on hand to encourage, correct and inspire us in our walk with the Lord is very important, Mrs White. I listen online to godly men who preach the Word of God but have now passed away, such as David Pawson for example. I look forward to meeting them when the Lord returns. Today it's not so easy to find men of God who do not water down God's Word, but fearlessly preach and teach with integrity.
God bless you.

Sue said...

I also enjoy Dr Stanley's sermons and try to listen as often as possible! Having a quiet place to enjoy reading and listening with some refreshment is so wonderful. Your ideas are always so encouraging. Thank you for sharing.

Pam Richardson said...

I so enjoyed reading your beautiful post. We have a small room that we are planning to use as a small library. I have read and collected books since I was a child. There will be no TV, just music and reading. I also enjoy Dr. Stanley’s sermons.
Pam @ Everyday Living