Thursday, September 21, 2023

First Sight of Autumn at our Property in Vermont

View of our playground at Mrs. White's House.

I have been working on a book project and needed a break. The leaves are changing rapidly here in Northern Vermont.  I went outside this morning to take a walk on the grounds. I will share a little tour in pictures with you.  


The driveway with a view to our benches.

A few days ago, one of our neighbors brought over some crushed stone and dirt and repaired part of our driveway. It is stable and sturdy now since it was damaged in our recent flood. We are grateful for his kindness.


Sunlight streaming through the trees as we walk towards the back grounds.


Let's walk towards the river at the edge of the property.  I can hear it rushing along as we get closer.

Approaching the back grounds of our property.


The view of the river from here, surrounded by the trees and fallen leaves, looks peaceful.


The River bordering our property.


My husband walked with me.  He keeps me safe since we live close to the woods. (Right after the recent flooding, a bear was spotted walking through our property.) We stood out here by the river for a few minutes. The weather is cool and lovely. The scenery is peaceful and restful.

I also made a video for you. I compiled these photographs, and a few more, into a brief video. I added a clip of soothing music to go along with the pictures. The video is below:



This is just a quick check-in post. I may be away for a few weeks. I hope to write more soon, with news of a new book.

Enjoy the fall season.



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Martha Jane Orlando said...

I enjoyed the video you included here, Mrs. White. What a gorgeous place you have! I imagine you feel blessed and grateful every day.
If you are traveling, please have a safe trip!

Mrs. Sabo said...


Marilyn said...

It will be a long couple of weeks without you and your encouraging and beautiful blog, Good luck in the new book. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year, but soon the chill will set in and we will be looking forward to Spring.North Florida has been ridiculously hot this year and we are having a few cooler evenings at last. I am actually happy to be alive no matter what the weather. It is always an opportunity to see God's greatness.

Elizabethd said...

What a very beautiful property you have, Mrs White. I would love to sit by the river.

Lady Locust said...

Love the lawn dappled with those first fallen leaves. It looks calm and peaceful indeed.

lejmom said...

Lovely photos, Mrs. White--and I enjoyed the video as well. I love your beautiful property and especially the river. I have looked many times at an old video you made of the walking tour of the property. Safe travels! Jane

Cate Nunan said...

It was so pleasant to sit and listen to this music and look at what nature and the seasons are doing in your part of the world. Here in my region of Australia we are surrounded by bulbs, frothy spring blossoms on trees and gentle breezes. I went for a long walk yesterday and soaked it all in, reminding myself that God made all this and it is still all in His hands. Such a comforting reality to simply rest in. Thankfully the scariest thing I had to worry about were the swans at the lake who can be a little territorial! Blessings to you in Vermont, Cate Nunan

Teri said...

Dear Mrs. White

You have such a beautiful property. It looks so peaceful and serene. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and your family.

Homespun Hugs, Teri

Tracy said...

Your beautiful part of New England looks very much like the England a lot of early settlers left behind. The similarity must have been a great comfort to them. Of course we don't have to worry about bears in the woods on this side of the pond when we go for a walk today!

Marsha said...

What a lovely newsletter. Thanks for posting it. It is so refreshing to see the video. Blessings upon Blessings to you and yours. Have a safe trip away. Love & prayers! Marsha

Amelia said...

Very peaceful, just lovely.

It actually reminds me of our property here with the trees at this time of year although I know you will be receiving the autumnal glory far before we do down south. : )

Thank you for sharing the Beauty!

Blessings, ~Amelia

Billie Jo said...

My goodness! Such a beautiful place you call home!!! Thank you for sharing it with us. Enjoy your writing time. And happy fall!

Wanda said...

What a beautiful and plesant property you have. What a blesing to be able to take a walk with your husband and enjoy the view and each other. Thank you for the lovely video.
Praying God will do a great and mighty work as you compete another book. What a blessing and honor you have to influence so many lives through your books.

You will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.


Lana said...

Beautiful! I would love to hear your river. One day I looked out to see a bear casually walking down the street in front of our house. It has kept us watchful ever since.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. White,
The pictures and video are so lovely and pleasant. Thank you for your time and effort in posting this.

Christine said...

Your property is just beautiful Mrs White. I can imagine strolling around the grounds and relaxing by the water. May God bless you and your family, as well as the writing for your new book.


Mrs. A said...

Your property is beautiful!

Here is Southeast Kansas it is turning as well. The bean fields are beautiful yellow, the sugar maples are turning bright orange and red. Our temperatures dropped from 110 to 50's recently, and the trees and foliage thought a few weeks ago it was fall. The temps are beautiful as well, mid 80's, even some 70's through the day, and after a horribly hot summer, it is most definitely welcome. Especially for those of us who work outside!!

Debbie said...

What a beautiful stroll around your estate! The land is so pretty and serene. In good weather, is there a place on the property that you sit to write? I could see it being a very inspiring atmosphere. I'm looking forward to your new book. Take care :)