Monday, May 13, 2024

Outdoor Homemaking Chores

My husband's photograph of our tulips in the sunlight.

As soon as the weather became warm and inviting, we went outdoors to start our homemaking chores.  This is the spring work we do just after the Vermont snow has finally melted away.

We spent a few afternoons picking up sticks.  After being indoors, mostly, all winter, I did not have much energy for the work. Then I thought about Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss (from the 1800's.)  She and her family were setting up a summer cottage on their own land in Dorset, Vermont.  In her writings, she talks about laboring over the flower gardens and picking up brush and clearing the grounds. She describes her daily walks and her joy in the outdoors. Even though her health was frail, she still did as much work as she could and she delighted in the labor!

My husband helped me rake our strawberry garden.  Then we raked out the tulip bed.  We cleared away the leaves while carefully avoiding causing harm to our beautiful plants. I wore my prettiest apron over a long skirt. I worked slowly and carefully as I enjoyed the landscape around me.

Then we walked the property.  We delighted in seeing spring come to life in all the trees, plants, and flowers.  Soon we will have lilacs in bloom!  

I received a new tea rose plant.  We found just the right place for it and then got it planted on the front grounds. 

Our new rose plant to the left of a tree stump.


 In the photograph above, you will see a tree stump. It is partially hidden from view by the grass.  I wanted the grass to grow up around it.  Throughout the summer season, wildflowers will thrive beside it, making an otherwise unattractive spot into something beautiful. 

Off in the distance, in this picture, you may see a pile of leaves that we raked out of the tulip bed.   These had been used to cover the plants, protecting them over the cold winter months, here in Vermont.

After all this work, I wanted to take a little rest. We walked to the back grounds and enjoyed a sense of calmness as we watched the river.  It is like a respite from all of our work to the see beauty in nature around us.  I made a video of the river as I stood there. It is 10 minutes long. You will hear the sounds of the water rushing over the rocks. You will also hear the sweet sound of chirping birds.  

Here is a direct link to the video:


I hope you are enjoying the spring work at your place.


Mrs. White


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Martha Jane Orlando said...

So peaceful and inviting, Mrs. White. Thank you for sharing so freely with all of us.

Pam Richardson said...

I always enjoy a visit to your Vermont home! Springs brings us outdoors to enjoy God’s beautiful world. Wishing you plenty of sunshine on your outdoor days.

Rooted Gramma said...

Lovely post! We too will soon have lilacs. We are still having cold nights here in Nova Scotia, and we have a frost warning for tonight! This spring I have enjoyed God's beautiful creation more than any other year. Not certain why, perhaps it is one of my last???

Patty B said...

It is indeed difficult for northerners to get going after the long winter! Sore muscles are the order of the day until we limber up! So much to do now! Unfortunately we have lots of wood ticks now. I am very much afraid of them. We are busy planting now, too. I fear that housework has to take a back seat for a while (but I make up for things on rainy days!). Keep up the good work Mrs. White.

Elizabethd said...

How lovely to have a new rose to plant. I wonder which one it is. This year I have planted a rambler called Rosa Perennial Domino, a deep red flower.
Your video is beautiful, Mrs White. Thank you.

Teresa Villasenor said...

Oh Mrs. White, what a beautiful video. Thank you for that peaceful view of your lovely river. How blessed you are to have it! I visited a friend recently and she has a creek running under her house. I wish I had something like that, but I live along a highway (more affordable housing there). I'm grateful that you have shared your river with us. Thank you!

Mrs. V

Mountain Housewife said...

I like the way you inspire yourself by thinking of godly women of the past you have read about. -Amy

Anonymous said...

Your post was so peaceful I felt refreshed reading it. I'm in the same boat as Patty B - gardening, sore muscles etc. It seems to take much longer to limber up when one gets older. I will do some housework when it rains, I promise.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Best wishes on your new book.

God bless.

R's Rue said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you.

Lady Locust said...

It always feels good to get out and do something - especially when we don't really feel up to it. For some reason Nature nurtures :-)

Mrs. K. Hagema said...

These posts bring me so much happiness:). In our part of the middle north country, spring has sprung! All my hostas are looking so good and don’t require much from me:). We turned my daughter’s old wooden sandbox into a raised bed for some cherry tomatoes and pickling cucumbers. I get tired easily with my illness, so I’m going to not over complicate things and enjoy what the Lord has provided. It brings so much joy to be satisfied! Thank you for your lovely words and photos!