Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Godly Home

A homemaker is someone who is home full time, caring for her house and family. She directs the mood of the home and helps with the vision.

Often, however, the outside world and culture seeps into her haven and she must find ways to fight it off. She must find ways to retain the attention of her family and keep their focus on heavenly matters.

There are a few ways she can do this:

1. By example - She must openly and privately read her Bible and meditate on it. She must spend time in prayer. She must keep her heart in check and her interests in line with what the Lord wants her to do to glorify him, rather than wasting her time on things that profit nothing.

2. She can expect her family to sit down together, perhaps after a meal, and read a little Scripture. She can ask this even of older children. But she must ask this in a loving way so they actually want to sit down with her.

3. She can beg and plead with God to help her own heart not be tempted to waste time with worldly movies, worldly music, worldly literature - things that do not glorify God - harmful recreation. These things will damage her spirit. She must battle this daily.

4. She can talk of Scripture with her family and share wisdom as problems come up.

Perhaps the children will not immediately see things her way, but they will remember. They will draw upon this vision when they mature, and it will help guide them to heaven.

Mrs. White


Anonymous said...

Amen! I often think of the blessings of being a stay at home wife and mommy as being a thermostat. Where I have an impact on controlling the climate in my home. Making it comfy, and pleasing. Drawing all those who are here to sit and stay awhile.

If that is warming it up a bit with homemade cookies right at reading time, or a cup of lemonade as a good excuse to call them all back to the shelter of home.

Or sadly the coldness that I can show when I am walking in sin.

Thanks for the post!

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