Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Laboring in the Word

I heard the most wonderful message today on CD. It is by Charity Ministries. The title is: "Social Networking and Blogs—a Blessing or a Curse?"

It really calmed and soothed me. I had spent part of the morning reviewing a product I didn't really care for. It is a secular product. I have not posted the review yet, but will sometime in the coming weeks. Anyway, when I was finished, all I wanted to do was "shake off the dust of my feet" and move forward onto the path of light and go heavenward. This CD message was just what I needed. After it was over, I put on a CD of gospel music and really was spiritually nourished. I listened to all these things while sitting in my grandmother's rocking chair and hand-sewing an apron. What a precious way to listen to an old time sermon!

In one particular part of the sermon, someone said "thank you for laboring in the word." You see.... the preacher spends much of his time studying and laboring over the word of God before he brings us a message. I am so grateful for this because it helps keep the hearers heavenly focused, rather than worldly confused....

My soul is soothed, my heart is joyful and I can move on with ministering to my family.

Mrs. White

PS: If you want a copy of this sermon, you can get it for free, just click on the above link. All of their products are free (but they do accept donations). It is a ministry.


Deanna said...

Dear One,
Thank you for this post. I enjoyed reading what you have shared.

Especially- My soul is soothed, my heart is joyful and I can move on with ministering to my family.

May I quote you on this for my blog?


Mrs. White said...

Yes, of course Deanna.

You have a precious blog and I would be honored if you quoted me.

Thank you.

Mrs. White

Deanna said...


Anonymous said...

I listened to this sermon and it was really good, thanks for the link. (o:

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