Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Early Morning Dew



There is nothing on earth  like Vermont at dawn. You will see a foggy haze over the mountains. The bright green fields are covered with morning dew. There is a silence, a peace all around you.

Right now, everyone is sleeping. I am sitting here listening to gospel music and preparing for another day of ministry work – this ministry is to guide the souls of my family heavenward. Oh, what a privilege!



“There are hallowed spots on earth that are sacred only to one individual or a very few.  It may be a certain step on the stair where an important decision was made.  It may be a board in the floor of the old home place where a father or mother knelt to pray. . . It may be a place in the barn, or along the road, or on a certain street corner where something unforgettable was heard that changed the destiny of a soul.”

- Christmas Carol Kauffman in “Light from Heaven.”


Mrs. White


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The Machinist's Wife said...

Early mornings are always precious - especially when you're the only one up and about and you have time to even "think". Guiding the souls of our family could and does mean so many things, to so many people in so many different ways. I guess we have to do what applies and has effect on our own, yes? Hallowed spots indeed!

FlowerLady said...

I also love early mornings. All is peaceful and quiet. I thank God for the gift of a new day and ask His blessings on all that comes our way.


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