Saturday, August 22, 2009

Real Old Fashioned Suppers

As the sun is setting and families are eating the evening meal, I wonder what it looks like in this current society. Here are some possibilities:

1. Everyone is scattered throughout the house, eating in their own rooms.

2. TV trays are set up and the family eats together while watching a program.

3. The house is empty because no one is home, or they all come home at different times.

4. Dad comes through the house with take-out and everyone grabs some before running off.

Or…. my dearest and most favorite….

Everyone is outside or around the house doing projects. The children play in the side yard, laughing as the sun goes down over the hills. Dad is working on the car engine, while his young son does his best to help. Suddenly there is the sound of a ringing bell coming from the front porch. It is Mama. She is calling her family in from the neighborhood. You can see her children running from all around. They are happy and excited. They are very hungry. They have been playing, or working, for hours without a snack. They are ready for a delicious, home cooked meal.

As the children come into view, they see their dear Mama in her house apron. Her hair is up. She has a gentle, kind smile on her face as she leads the family into the house. The table is all set. We see a plate for each person. We see cups and silverware and napkins. We see large serving bowls full of hot food. There is a plate of freshly made biscuits and a small platter of fresh vegetables. The children wash up and eagerly head to the table.

Everyone takes a seat. Then Daddy says a prayer. Each person nods in agreement and smiles warmly. They are all grateful for their evening supper. Bowls are passed around the table. Everyone takes a hot, buttered biscuit. Mama fills up the glasses with ice cold lemonade.

This precious scene happens every single night. It always has. …. Until recently.

Now, no one is home. Or they are too busy to make the effort of suppertime. What a sad loss.

Recently, I came across the lyrics to a beautiful song that sums up the importance of suppertime:

"Come home.... come home... it's suppertime
the shadows lengthen fast.
Come home... come home... it's suppertime
we're going home at last.

Many years ago in days of childhood,
I used to play when evening shadows come.
Then winding down that old familiar pathway
I heard my mother call
at set of sun.
Some of the fondest mem'ries of my
childhood are woven around suppertime;
When mother used to call
from the backsteps of the old homeplace,
Come on home Ferlin it's suppertime.
What I would give to hear that once more.

But for me time has woven a realization of the truth
that's even more thrilling;
And that's when the call comes up
from the portal of glory to come home.
For it's suppertime when all of God's children
shall gather around the table With the Lord
at the greatest suppertime of them all.
Come home.... come home..."

Lyrics: Suppertime, Ferlin Husky


cherie said...

oh, i'm close to tears, mrs. white! this touches home! i hope my sons never outgrow praying before meals! thank you for this! ma'am do go see my latest post - i just gave you two awards!

Mrs. White said...

Thank you so much Cherie! I will get those awards as soon as I can!!

Mrs. White

Beth said...

What a lovely post! I can't wait to take some time and read the rest of your thoughts but right now, duties call!
I agree with you about all the family sitting down to a wonderful meal! Until recently we ALWAYS sit at the table each night. (We've been overcome with projects that have taken up our space on the table...but tonight, I think I'll make our table especially pretty!)
Ours is a blended family and neither side have really been shown how a Christian marriage relationship should work. I try my hardest to give my husband the respect he should have (a lot of times I fail miserably and have to apologize to everyone!) and I make sure that he is served first. I know that's a silly little thing, but I'm trying to get my children...and see that my husband is the head of our family and that he should be appreciated and honored.
Thanks for your nice work here...
Blessings, Beth

Matt Jabs said...

I love this scene... thanks for laying out what supper should look like!

My wife and I sit down to dinner together every night... and we will continue to do so if the Lord should decide to bless us with little ones.

Matt of

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that was one of MY mother's favourite songs ever!

She sang it often and always said it made her think of her own mother who had passed away when my mum was only 23. I have to see if I can find that song I need to hear it right now! :-)