Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vermont Chill

I put on my wool coat today. There is such a mystique about the coming cold in New England. It is almost like a sense of silence. The world quiets down. The pace of life slows. Everyone stays inside to be warm and cozy. The snow is the most magical of all. I cannot wait to see the first snowfall. It will come soon.

Life at home has been hectic. The children have their struggles. When you are the mother of adult children, everything is so different. There are more problems than ever, as these young ones try out life in the world. They make so many mistakes and get into so many trials.

It just makes one want to stay in the house, with the gospel music going.... Doing some housework, while wearing a country apron and just having a sense of peace and joy. This radiates out to all those in the family. ... and it comforts them.

Mrs. White


Tricia said...

Amen. Two of our adult children are living at home still and while I love it, they keep our family hopping. I've decided that many, many small children are easier. Don't you think?!!

The Machinist's Wife said...

I know, I know, I know...


Deanna said...

Amen and amen.
Having adult children is a different ballgame than when they were young and at home. My parenting style has had to change.

For August in Kansas, it's been cooler than usual. Since my husband is roofing the house, the cooler temperatures are welcomed.

I know that there are days when it's so cold out that staying in the house is very comforting.

God bless,

cherie said...

i know i have a long ways to go, mrs. white, but i hope when i get to your stage, i will have enough strength left to face all the new trials...

Tovah said...

I think the trials are of a different nature than when they were little simply because they are adults and need the type of guidance that respects their authority in their lives. Even when we believe they are making a mistake, we can't just tell them "Do this, do that" etc. etc. We have to reason with them and annoying stuff like that-LOL!

The flip side of this coin though is that they become some of your dearest friends. And that is worth everything.

My oldest son is leaving for his first year of college today. We are going to see him on the weekends, but after homeschooling him his whole life, this is still a major adjustment. How do you ever get used to them being gone? I'm still missing my daughter who was married 3 years ago.

Love, Beth (aka Tovah)

Anonymous said...

My kids are still very young and I thought I had it hard but I guess the mothering never stops huh? I am jealous of your cooler weather here in Italy it has been hotter than ever! I am praying for the rain this week to cool things down a bit.

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