Friday, September 4, 2009

A Peaceful Day

I have been reading the latest issue of Above Rubies magazine and just love it. I am also reading a book, called, "The Strong Family" by Charles R. Swindoll. It is phenomenal.

Yesterday, I sat in my chair beside the living room window. I just read for hours. I had the window open and enjoyed the fresh air. I hung our clothes on the line in the morning. Later, in the afternoon, Amy (14) and I went out and got them. We have such fun with the laundry. Why? Because our clothesline is surrounded by trees. So we have to "hit" the clothes (to get any bugs off them), then we take them down, and "violently" shake them. That does the trick! We just laugh as we get our exercise. Then we trudge up to the front property, head up the porch stairs and then climb a flight of 15 stairs to put them into the main living room.

Today, I am going to make sure it is a peaceful day. I love to read and will sit quietly and enjoy a good book. I will make a nice lunch with Amy's help and we will prepare for a pleasant evening here at home.

No worries or troubles will get to me...... I am going to focus on serenity.

Mrs. White


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