Monday, February 8, 2010

It is Bed Time for Mother's Little Ones

It is late at night. Time to tuck the children into bed. Mother will read them a story, listen to their prayers and cuddle them up with warm blankets. She will kiss her little darlings good night, and then smile warmly with all the love in her heart for her precious babies.

Later, after they have fallen asleep, she will go back and check on them again. Maybe she has just finished her dishes and had a cup of tea. Now it is time for a quiet house and her own private prayers to God.

She will look at her children, from the doorway, with a grateful heart. She loves those children so dearly. They sleep soundly. She is blessed!

May it always be so!

Mrs. White


Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

My "baby" is 10 years old, but something similar to the picture you just painted takes place in our home each evening. Have a blessed week.

Cassidy said...

This is so true and so heart warming inside. I will miss these days when they pass on as my children grow up and move out on their own.

May we savor this time with them always. Cass

Dianne said...

I just ordered your book on Christian homemaking and hope to share it with out daughter who is marrying soon. I love your old fashioned values and even manner of writing. It is gentle and strengthening at the same time. The Lord is glorified in your posts as you encourage women to fulfill their Gid-given roles in the way that you do. Thank you so much, Mrs White.