Monday, February 22, 2010

Mama's Songs

Country Church

My Father is from the old South in Alabama. His father was a revival preacher. Dad was a street-preacher as a teenager and his brother was a preacher as well. Later, my Uncle had his own church.

Dad moved to New England, where we children grew up. But We would make the trip to Alabama to visit the family and go to church. Those were the most precious sermons I've ever heard. So many people would have tears in their eyes. The old gospel songs were beautiful. They were old country songs, sung from the hymn book by God's dear humble children.

Back at home, Dad would sing these songs throughout the house all the time. He sang from his heart and I loved to hear him. I have never seen him sing on stage, but his music taught me so much. The lyrics about Mama's Prayers, and Walking the Golden Stairs to Heaven made a deep impression on me.

I remember once asking Dad if he would record his voice onto a cassette tape for me, so I could memorize the words. He did this, but when I listened to it, it made me cry. Soon, I was able to hear the songs and transcribe the lyrics. I learned these old songs the way Daddy sang them.

Now I sing in my own home, in my own humble way and my children hear me. John (12) will sit and sing with me. The children all hear me and it is getting into their hearts. No matter what happens in their lives, they will remember their childhood and Mama's voice, singing those old gospel songs.

One day, some time ago, Nicole (20) told me something she remembered from her childhood. She remembered my songs about going to Heaven and she thought that was the sweetest, most comforting memory.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

OH - your growing up and living sounds like my home, I grew up listening to my mother sing old tune and yes - some gospel songs too....such fond memories....

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I use to sing all the time to my daughter when she was little. Now, she is the one doing the singing. In fact, she's in the kitchen right now washing dishes and singing. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed! My mother sang hymns too. She didn't have the best singing voice and she sang in English with her strong Venezuelan accent but I am so thankful that never stopped her. To this day I sing and clean and I picture my mom doing the same.Love,Rosemi