Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Staying Home at the Estate

Woman in a Garden of Peonies

It has been like a holiday. There were no errands. Everyone was home. Mr. White had the day off from work. We stayed home at our estate and enjoyed a precious day at home.

Now remember, my "estate" is simply our old, vintage house which needs to be painted. I could show you a close up picture of my front porch and you would see peeling paint and imagine a family living in poverty. (smiles). But we are living with joy and faith in God. We are blessed with 2 acres of beautiful land and live in a rural village. Nana and Grandpa live with us and are a delight and a comfort to all of us.

I did some chores- a little slow paced housework. I spent a few hours reading and then cleaned some more. The children were busy with projects and did a little cleaning and schoolwork. Then we played monopoly for several hours. I taught John (13) how to lose with dignity. Amy (15) easily bankrupted both of us.

Mr. White repaired our wood pellet stove to prepare for the coming winter. We will be warm and cozy at home.

We talked about painting our living room and doing some other decorative jobs here at the estate. But a phone call came from a distraught relative and then we knew where our money needed to go. I will write it down in my household ledger book. It has become a private diary of where the money has been given, rather than spent.

I have a list of all our needs on a chalkboard in the living room. I am praying and waiting. The money I have to spend is being saved and will be used at the 11th hour if necessary. Yet, I am having so much more fun seeing how the Lord provides in other ways and somehow, my money is needed for charity. And I am honored.

In just a little while, I will have some tea and read the sacred Scriptures. I will have family Bible time with the children and I will read a bedtime story to my teenagers. Then I will work on a hand-sewing project, while sitting in my favorite chair near the window.  The dim light will be soothing. I will pray and then quietly sing  hymns . . .  and I will be grateful.

Mrs. White

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Leslie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog as I'm really enjoying reading yours! I love your sweet and gentle spirit about your life! What a blessing to have your parents living with you.

I would love to hear what you are reading aloud to your teens. :-)

I'm sorry you received the draft letter too. *sigh* Hoping that nothing ever comes of it!

Praying your days are filled with peace.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. White,
I always love hearing about your house it makes me want an old "estate" even more :) Maybe someday when my husband is no longer in the military and we can "settle" down. I am glad you and your family are doing well.
Blessings my friend,
Sarah L.

Clint said...

Amen. Romans 8:28 God bless.

i cant decide said...

What a wonderful day! I love days when we all stay home together the recharge me.