Friday, October 8, 2010

Seeking Rest in the Midst of Duty

A Touch of the Irish

I have spent part of the morning pondering the thoughts of the Puritans and being refreshed in my spirit. I have several things to do and need a cheerful perspective. I need to know that what I am called to do, God will equip me for the work set before me.

I want to stay home and sew and read stories to the children. I want to bake cookies and make a delicious home cooked supper. I want to tidy and clean and organize and set the table in a delightful way to bring joy and rainbows to all those who gather here.

But for today, this will not happen. Too many other things must be done. Yet, I will keep home in my heart and find a way to have peace, and minister to those I meet today. What would it be like if homekeepers were  ambassadors of godly motherhood and home by our dress and demeanor?

It will be a lovely day. I will find joy in whatever I must do. I will cheer the hearts of those around me.  But first I must listen to some soothing hymns, and read more of my Bible. I need the strength. All will be well.

Mrs. White

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Jasmine said...

Mrs. White all is well. God is good to keep us under the shadow of His wing.

As I was writing your post, I thought of the hymn - It is Well. May God continue to minister to all moms who need his peace in the mist of duties.

My warmest regards,


busymomof10 said...

I love your perspective! I appreciate your words that you want to cheer the hearts of those around you. I love to do that as well. Yesterday at Wal-Mart I offered to return a cart for someone who was parked near me, when we both finished unloading our carts at the same time. You should have seen the look of shock on their face!! Small acts of kindness can mean a lot in these days when they are rarely seen. I hope your day was productive and peaceful!

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