Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Morning at Home

Plenty of Wood

Our house is extra cold today. Isn't that a lovely thought? I will exercise in a few minutes to warm up and get some energy, then I will delight in my home duties. We have so many things to do today and I want to be sharp and capable.

I soaked some red kidney beans last night. I will make homemade chili today. It is Matthew's favorite. He is 18 years old. When he comes home from work tonight, there will be a nice hot supper for him. I keep asking him what he would like with the chili, but he doesn't want anything. What do you normally serve with chili?

I am thinking about baking some homemade bread next week. I haven't made fresh bread in a long time. I think I will make a white loaf.  What is your favorite bread to make? Do you have an easy recipe to share?

I better get to my exercises before I lose any more time! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Mrs. White

PS - If you have time today, please visit the best blog on the internet - Home Haven. She wrote Winter Blessings to You which has lovely pictures, inspiration and happy words to cheer you up! The music on her site is soothing and you will feel welcomed from the very moment you arrive.

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Joanna said...

Good Morning Mrs. White! My husband and I always love to have a peanut butter sandwich with our chili, the flavors go really well together.

Anonymous said...

i like to make cornbread with our chili. i also have a no knead bread recipe that is easy and good.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

We make cornbread, too, or serve it over pasta.

I love any fresh baked bread, but my favorite to make is a Maltese Recipe called Hobz. I make little personal sized loaves and brush them with salt water and a little olive oil before baking.

Bible Babe said...

The best things to serve with chili is cornbread, thick slices of white onion, and jalapenos cut in half, seeded and rinsed to cool them a bit. Then, you must have something chocolate--in fact, try some recipes with chili that has cocoa in it--hey, the Aztecs knew thier food!

Debbie said...

Our house is warm.

I hate chili... my family all love it however.

We are making homemade pizza today, playing games, and watching movies later.

I love homemade bread!!

Debbie said...

I forgot to ask... where do you get your lovely photos you use for your blog??? are the from a paid or free site??? I would be interested in knowing... I love them... so cozy and old fashioned.

Suzanne said...

Cornbread in a cast iron skillet with chili--divine!

Deanna said...

Blessings to you, Mrs. White!

You have said the nicest thing about my blog! I gulped and just about cried. Thank you for telling others about my homehaven. Appreciate your kindness.

We just have soda crackers with our chili. Sometimes shredded cheese on top of a hot bowl of chili.

At times we have used ground turkey instead of ground hamburger. With spices it makes the turkey tasty. Less fat and cheaper to buy than beef.

I love homemade bread. It's so delicious with a pat of butter on it. I only make homemade bananna bread with some nuts in it.

I'll have to locate the recipe and post it. A friend of mine wrote the recipe out on an index card for a wedding gift and I have had it since I was married.

God bless you,

Erin said...

Blessings to you Mrs. White! We serve our chili with cornbread, or I sometimes bake a homemade french bread that also goes well with it. My husband's favorite way is to serve it over rice.
Have a blessed day!

Linda said...

Hello Mrs. White, I too,like my chili with cornbread or over rice.It's also good with corn. My dear Mother-in-law says she has always served chili with hominy.

I love your gracious style of writing. Do you have any books out?

Thank-you so much for all your help!You help my attitude so much.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I also enjoy cornbread with my chili - it must be sweet cornbread though!!

Other times I will make baked potatoes - especially if the house is a little chilled. I use the heat of the stove to help warm the house and. I split the baked potatoes and put the chili on top. Extra filling and a nice change of pace.

Writer said...

I like to make butter dips (bread sticks). It is a flat bread with butter on the outside, so they are a little crispy. My children love chili too. I am going to have to make some soon. Thanks for the meal idea. I am now following you.

Leah said...

We always have our chili (sin carne - we're vegetarians) with brown rice.

As for bread recipes: I think the best one I have is a Challah recipe which I shared on my homeschool blog last summer.

(But I aslo like soda bread a lot, as it's quick and easy - and very tasty when still hot.)

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