Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Housekeeping Despite Lack of Motivation

The Window Seat

This is one of those days when I don't want to clean. I do not care for dusting, washing floors, sweeping, polishing counters or doing dishes. This is not a good mood for me. I cannot indulge it. I guess I am in a pampered mood and want to relax and be waited on. Yet, this will not happen, since I am the housekeeper.

I will have to make a list. The list will be my guide because my thoughts are not where they should be. You know how it says in the Bible that if we commit our works to the Lord, our thoughts will be established? (Proverbs 16:3) So I will make myself do the housework. After I cross several things off the dreaded list, I will start to enjoy myself. I realize this is just a mood I am in. It is a slacker mood. It is a terrible mood. I will have to work very hard to overcome it today.

Yet, I think I can motivate myself to work harder than normal. I will even wash the floors and clean the ashes from the wood stove. I will make things look lovely, until I start to feel lovely myself!

Are you ready to do some work with me today?  Perhaps you will do a few dreaded chores and then come back here and let me know you did them. Maybe this will help inspire others to work hard at home today.

Mrs. White

My favorite thing to do for my family - Spending the Day in the Kitchen.

Much deserved - Taking a Break from my Housework.

I will have to get out the chore cards so I can have - The Cleanest House Ever!

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Mrs. Stam said...

Thanks for this post today, I'm not feeling that great right now (sinus problem and feels like starting a tummy flue) My body jsut wants to cuddle in a warm blanket and nap, but things needs to be done and I have to get moving!!!

Erin said...

Thank you so much Mrs. White for this much needed post today. My mood so matched yours, and I needed some inspiration to get up and go clean my kitchen and make it sparkle. Sometimes you just need something (or someone) to get you to start the process. Thanks for being my "start"


Lisa Grace said...

Thank you for this post; I totally needed to read this today. I am at the end of a pregnancy and feeling very tired and not motivated at all; what a precious reminder ... an answer to the prayer I prayed asking God to help me find the "want to." I'm off to make my grocery list and 'waddle' around the store and then come home and organize my groceries before starting dinner. Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me so much of a quote I just read today in Developing the Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell: "Motivation is like love and happiness. It is a byproduct. When you're actively engaged in doing something, the motivation to keep on doing it sneaks up and zaps you when you least expect it."

Crystal in Alaska said...

For me it's the office/sewing room today! It drives hubby crazy that it is so messy so yesterday I decided today would be the day! Woke up not wanting it to be the day!!!! Thanks for this post....off to make it a room hubby can relax in!

-Crystal in Alaska

Anonymous said...

I've felt the same way the past 2 days. Must be winter blahs!Just wanted to sit in my chair with the dogs on the my lap and read and drink tea. There's nothing wrong with me, I'm perfectly healthy! But I have a big messy room to clean up and I just went ahead and started. My mood has actually helped me really get rid of some stuff I needed to get rid of. Good for you for persevering!

-Crystal in Alaska said...

Done! It looks great and Hubby was thrilled!!!

-Crystal in Alaska

Mrs. White said...

I am so proud of you girls! Thank you for sharing what you are up to and helping to motivate me!

Mrs. White

Mama Said No said...

Oh boy, did I need this post today! I was at home for two days & yet I got very little of any real importance donw, either in my housework or my spiritual work. Today I have to be in town, and all I can think of is getting back home and attending to my chores there. I know that if I just get moving, I can get the blood pumping and I will feel more like doing things. Thank you again for motivating me, Mrs. White. We love ya!

Denise Marie said...

Right where I am today. I've been vacuuming and cleaning the furniture and dusting and organizing in my boys bedrooms. They are away for a few more days and I want to delight their hearts when they return and see how much Momma thought about them and worked for them. :)

Emily T. Thomas said...

I like to set a timer when I'm in this kind of mood - or grab a kid and race them thru the chore!