Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Delightful Home

Spring Patio II

I was out shopping last night with Matthew (18). He brought me to a place right nearby, in town. It had discount goods that were great for decorating the home. I found pretty bath mats with a matching shower curtain. I also bought a couple of small lamps. I even bought a $2 wall plaque that was so pretty! It is burgundy and has artwork on it that says, "Laundry Gathers Here." Can you guess where that will go? In my laundry room! I will look at it as I hang clothes on the line, out our second floor window. I can just imagine the warm spring days and the pleasant morning work of doing laundry while enjoying the fresh, clean air.

When we got home, I offered to pay John (13) to help me with some work. He was looking for ways to earn money and was eager to help. I had him throw out all clutter, empty shampoo bottles, etc in our bathroom. Then we set up the shower curtain and mats and made it look lovely!

Next, I took the new lamps and put them downstairs in the large playroom. They look so pretty. Each lamp only cost $6. I was thrilled.

When you buy a couple of simple, new things and bring them home, there is a tremendous motivation to clean and organize and make everything at home look delightful!

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Mama Hen said...

Laundry LOVES to gather at my house. We must really be a fun bunch! :)

Guiding Light said...

That is so bringing in something ever so small and simple can make such a difference in how we see our home. So glad the Lord blessed your home with some wonderful items (and at great prices...I LOVE THAT!). Blessings to you!

Turning the Clock Back said...

Just stopping by your blog from the Friday blog hop! I am a new follower! Hope you get a chance to follow back! You might find some great tips to go green and get healthy without going broke!


Cynthia said...

Oh how pretty! (sigh)

Following from Friendly Friday. Please come follow me at :)

I have a $25 Joann's gift card giveaway going on right now.

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