Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Last Witness of an Era

Library of Congress: Immigrant Family at Ellis Island.



The culture around us is changing rapidly. Each generation becomes less and less recognizable to the last. There is a craving for the newest and the latest idea. Often Mothers are tempted to walk away from the old path and blend-in with the world around them.

We need mothers who will be a living example of the old ways. We need mothers with courage and discipline to stand strong in these times.

In my son's Karate class, the teacher will run to each student and try to knock him over. The student must always be on guard. He must stand tall and fixed. He must be unbending to resist the attack. This is the kind of strength we mothers need. The attack is the seduction of a worldly culture- seeking materialism, partying, endless fun, and ungodly living. Mothers must be seeking to glorify God, rather than self. In this, we must walk the old paths and be the light to the world around us.

Have you ever met an older person who lived through World War II? Or have you met someone who lived through the great-depression? They are the last of the witnesses of those difficult times. They have seen many things. They have experienced many things. We learn from them. We watch how they live now, and hear them speak. . . and we get a glimpse into the reality of history.  This is part of seeking the old paths.

This current era is changing rapidly. The music, the food, technology, family life, and social expectations are almost unrecognizable to previous generations. In order to keep godly culture alive, we must not conform to society around us. We must seek strength to be a witness of the era in which we now live. This is impossible to do alone. We need God's help.

"Resolution One: I will live for God. Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will."
- Jonathan Edwards, 1703-1758

Mrs. White

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Because He Lives! said...

Thank you for this post! I agree with what you are saying. I have to pray to God for courage and wisdom to stand up against these things daily.I have 4 teenagers in my home. They are growing up in a culture that's self indulgent.In the past I have wrestled with the decision to be a keeper at home so I would tell myself "once they become teenagers I will go out and find a job". But through God's wisdom I realized they needed me more now than ever.I am passing on the knowledge and morals that I have grown up with that was taught to me by my grandmother.My "Battle Field" IS my home.Where prayer and petitions go before Christ daily! Thank you for the encouragement to stay the course! God Bless!

Emily D said...

First, I have to say, I only stumbled on your site a few days ago... Can hardly stay away from it! I'm only 24 but I already see how things are so different from when I was little and how things are now. I get scared sometimes when I think of how things will be in a few years, when my almost 2 year old will be surrounded by peers who have the latest gadgets and what kind of behavior they participate in. I take comfort in knowing that he is looking to me to show him the Godly way to live and I know that God has planted in me the strength to keep my child on a straight path. I also take comfort in knowing there are mothers like you, your readers, and the other mothers that I surround myself with that will continue to raise up our next generation in God-driven homes. This is on my heart daily. Thank you for this read!