Monday, March 7, 2011

A Charming Vermont Blizzard

Cocoa Time

It all started yesterday afternoon. It was the heavy snow falling from the sky. It snowed and snowed and snowed. It snowed all night. This morning I looked out the window and saw a beautiful winter scene!

Normally, I let the men do the shoveling, but I was energetic and wide awake. I couldn't wait to head outside! But when I opened the back door, I could not believe how deep the snow was. From what I have been told, our area got 29 inches of snow since last night. This on top of several feet that was on the ground already. One thing you should know about Vermont is that, usually, when we get snow, it stays all winter. More and more snow falls and adds to this pile. It makes for a beautiful place to live, but it also delights the skiers who come here from all over the place.

When I was outside, trudging through the snow, I shoveled for about 15 minutes. Mr. White came out and was surprised to see me. He smiled and said, "I didn't know where you were. You never shovel." In this case, I could not resist!  The whole thing reminded me of the blizzard of '78 when I was a child in Massachusetts. Who would want to stay indoors when this charming sight was happening outside? The weather was just lovely! Sure it was cold, but it was a pleasant cold. The snow looked beautiful and almost, magical!

Then I got tired and went inside.

I made hot chocolate, fresh homemade doughnuts and listened to Mozart.  The schools were closed. No one went to work. Dance classes were canceled. Colleges were canceled. Even our local bank closed early!  Our long driveway had not been plowed. Were were, literally, snowed in!  It was wonderful!

And just think... In only two weeks it will be spring.

Mrs. White

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Beth E. said...

Oh, my....I thought WE'D had a lot of snow this winter! lol

Hot chocolate, homemade doughnuts, and Mozart sound wonderful to does having Monday off!


Catherine said...

I'm glad you enjoyed a day with your family, and nowhere to go. The hot chocolate and donuts sound wonderful. I love baking donuts!

busymomof10 said...

I love the picture you posted! I love imagining your beautiful old home knee deep in snow! I have never seen that much snow -- Probably a foot of snow is all I can relate to! Sounds magical . . . but I'm content here in the southeast where spring has already sprung!! ;)

Will you please share your doughnut recipe??

Mrs. White said...

Here's where I found a good recipe. These are baked doughnuts, but I added a little extra cinnamon than the recipe called for: