Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Mother's Legacy

Painting by Todd Williams

   What is going on in this dear old house? It looks like a happy place to be. I imagine children inside, with bright eyes and rosy cheeks. I am sure it is supper time. The family is probably gathered around the table, smiling and chatting.

A house with small children is the sweetest place on earth. Their antics and ideas can entertain the entire family. They are precious and delightful.

It is so much easier to remain at home and enjoy home, when there are small children around to care for.

In this picture, twilight has now come. Supper is finished. All are sleepy and cozy and off to bed. Mama probably tucked those children into warm beds and then sat nearby and read them a godly story to help teach them about morals and good character. I am sure the children were eager to listen, but then nodded off to sleep.

I know many Mothers are tired. They sacrifice so much to keep the home going. I pray they have the strength to keep at it with a cheerful spirit. I pray they are getting plenty of rest and are not overly busy with other projects.

Family, hearth and home are some of the most precious words of all. It is enough, dear ones, to be focused almost entirely on making a home. This is where the greatest legacy can reach generations of our descendants. May you not be weary in well doing.

I can see many mothers with glistening tears in their eyes. They are so tired. They have walked sick babies in the night, ready to collapse. These mothers have cleaned up spill after spill from clumsy toddlers. They've done it all with a knowing, understanding smile for their loving families. God bless them!

I am so proud of you for dedicating your lives as mothers. I want you to smile and laugh and be happy today. Enjoy the art of keeping a home. Enjoy those dear children in your care. I Hope you have a wonderful day!

Mrs. White

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Unknown said...

You have such a way with words. I love everything you post. It brightens my day and gives me strength. I have to admit though that I was not the one awake with a sick child last night. It was daddy. I was so very tired and Kenzie awoke to tell me she wasn't feeling well and through my clogged brain I told her to go see daddy who was up late watching a video with the older kids. She barely made it to him when she lost it. All over him she lost it!! Sorry, but I must admit I'm not unhappy to have missed this one!!

Di said...

The mother with this glistening eyes - that's me today. Thank you for the encouragement :)