Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Happy Little Home Despite Trouble

Swan Cottage II

Have you seen the lovely homes of the rich and well dressed? Have you seen their successful children and expensive clothes? They look happy don't they? But they are not. None of us are. We all have trials. We all have tribulations and difficulties and we all spend time weeping in this life.

But the greatest comfort of all is our Faith in Almighty God. We can live in the humblest house, have many difficulties and still have a joyful home. This joyful home is because we learn to give our burdens to God. We do not hold on to them. We take them, we ponder them, we pray over them, then we let go in prayer.

Now we are the rich ones standing  next to our cottages and smiling. We are the ones who look happy. This happiness and this richness comes from peace and contentment. We are but pilgrims and strangers on this earth. But we can have a happy home regardless of the troubles which come.

Yesterday, our family was hit with a major financial crisis. But we will be okay. We've been through this kind of thing over and over again. We are drawn closer to our Father for security, for safety and for comfort. He will provide. We do the best we can with our labors and He will take care of the rest. We must learn to look to him for our "orders." What does he want us to do next? Then humbly follow. This might mean leaving behind worldly treasures and pleasant homes. But to follow His leading is the greatest act of faith and trust. We must not lean on ourselves in this life.

So today, I am going to do the same thing I do everyday. Instead of worrying, I will smile. Instead of moping, I will tend to my home duties. Instead of crying, I will bake and cook with what little we have. But I will present things in a happy way. I will create a lovely environment, a happy culture, for my family, who count on me to have peace.

And when times get really rough, we will pull out the board games and the cards and we will laugh together and forget about our troubles. . for just a little while... just long enough for God to take care of things.  It is just like keeping busy indoors until the rain and thunder ceases.

Mrs. White

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A.Marie said...

Very well put!! I am sorry your are going through financial difficulties, but God will lead you through this, just as He is doing for my family right now.

Your attitude is very admirable, and I am going to try to do the same thing around my own house!! Sometimes my worries get me down, and I tend to frown!! ;)

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

We are going through a tough time that is about to get tougher. This was very timely. Thank you for sharing it. May God bless your family and meet all of your needs and some of your wants.
I ask it in Jesus' Name.

I've got you on my blog's sidebar. I enjoy reading your posts. They are very encouraging.

Laura Lane

A.Marie said...

Hi there! I am now following you on Twitter and when I get more time, I'm going to look around your blog more!! :)

Debbie said...

I pray you will see God's hand in this trial. With HIM, we always seem to come out on top; it's just going up the mountain that's hard. The valley is where we grow; the mountaintop is where we testify:)

Looking forward to the testimony!


Catherine said...

I'm sorry for your troubles, but your words are wise. We always do get through, don't we? I think some of our leanest times were also the happiest.

Raber said...

I will pray for you. you are so inspiring, I believe you have really taken advantage of the knowledge of the world (computer stuff) and used it for Gods glory, You are a Titus woman to so many out here in the world. "Go out into all the world" you do this from your home, and "teach them how to be chaste homemakers, and how to love their husbands" These are obviously paraphrased :-) but I just mean to say it has been a blessing in my family to see how you have put these biblical commands to practice in such an effective yet practical way.
Thank you for being who God created you to be

Susan said...

You always have a way of putting our earthly troubles into perspective, Mrs White.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

We were also hit with some worrisome financial news yesterday, and I am tempted to worry and fret today. What a blessing it was to read this this morning. Thank you so much for your lovely blog!

Cassidy said...

I'm so sorry you have had a financial problem hit! Your post was uplifting and encouraging to me. Your heart is planted firmly in JESUS where it matters most. You have such a beautiful approach to dealing with our struggles and hard times. I will remember this as we all struggle at times. We're even going through some struggles now. This post touched me!
Smiles, Cass

Kathryn said...

Praising God with you for the strength he gives us in adversity!

Beth West www.northernskyart.wordpress.com said...

You remain an encouragement to others even as you face your own trials. I'm sorry that your circumstances are difficult and I pray our Abba will work everything in your lives for great blessings.

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog, it is so inspiring and uplifting to hear of your faith. I know God will meet your needs and I know that you know that too! We serve an awesome God that has unlimited resources and will take care of His children. I will be praying for you this evening.

Dawn said...

AMEN to that - to many of the things you said. He WILL take care of us and we DO need to give things to Him. Blessings to you!

Rebecca Knox said...

I hadn't had time to read this until just now, but, as always when God is leading, it was right on time with all that's going on here. Thanks so much for sharing! And may God's richest blessings be yours!

All My Love,