Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy in the Kitchen

Food is Fun, Cooking on Stove Top

No matter what is going on here at home, no matter what trial I am facing, I can always find happiness in the kitchen.

There is something about putting on an apron and polishing counters. There is something special about listening to classical music or old time gospel while working.

Peace can be found in the kitchen.

I love to make tea and start a batch of brownies, cake or cookies.

I enjoy seeing the family, wondering what's cooking in the kitchen?

But most of all, I love the quiet time of prayer, looking out the window and just smiling while glancing at a neatly polished stove.

Then I am ready to face the world again.

Mrs. White

Reading the Bible in the Parlour - with a picture.

Always remember, that - Mother Makes the Home.

Writing - Chore Letters for my Children.

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Sherri B. said...

A very sweet post...I love cooking time in the kitchen but I'm still working on cleaning up after myself. I do enjoy it when it is all clean.

Have a nice weekend.

Jo said...

I also find joy in the kitchen, the wonderful smells of cakes and biscuits cooking or bread.....I also enjoy playing classical music when I'm baking, it's very calming. Tomorrow I'm going to make bread for the week and try something new for my husband.

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