Saturday, June 25, 2011

Inspiration for Home Life

Valley of the River Beck

I was reading the autobiography of Patricia St. John. A portion of the book is a tribute to her father. She described the beauty of a Christian Home. Some of what she said about her father:

"He never spoke a discourteous word about anybody and we never heard an impatient or unloving word between him and our mother."

"He encouraged us to enjoy ourselves and he loved to give us treats; but we knew he denied himself and kept his body under strict discipline; and the positive, radiant holiness that went on its own way, seldom criticizing or scolding, was extraordinarily constructive and controlling."

"So we grew up and he watched and waited never trying to force upon us the spiritual riches he had stored up for us until we were ready."

"He emphasized the importance of example, quoting John Bunyan's words, 'I was very careful to give my children no occasion to blame, lest they should not be willing to go on pilgrimage.' "

Patricia was a dedicated missionary, who wrote several books. I delight in reading about her adventures, her wisdom and the miracles she witnessed throughout her life. I am inspired by her victories, despite times of misery all around her. Surely her parents were a tremendous influence who helped her, by their living testimonies, become who she was.

Mrs. White

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Lori Alexander said...

What an incredible Father he was!!! Very inspirational.

Laura said...

I love knowing that life can be lived like this. Sometimes I think it is sort of like reading love stories, though. When we compare our husbands, we often come up short.

Try to remember, to pray for yourself and your husband; but, know that it's probably not going to look quite the same in your family.

I already follow your blog. I am remodeling my website and moving clutter out. Your blog is most definitely NOT clutter. You will be in my "Blogs I like to read" section as well as my TOS section. I want to keep up with you!


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