Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mother's Dress

Jackie Kennedy, Wife of Sen, Cutting Out Newspaper Clippings Next to Open Scrapbook

Okay.. I admit it... I was a little envious while watching television. I saw this great family,  and they had nice, new clothes all the time. While I know it is not real life, I had a twinge of yearning for a trip to the local shopping mall. I wanted a purse full of hundreds to buy a sparkling new wardrobe. Not just for me, of course, but for my entire family. (smiles)

It took me a few hours to get over this horrid feeling. . . I remembered that in the 1800's, a normal mother had only one good dress. Mother would wear this to church, or on the rare trip to town. It was her best dress.

Then I thought of my own mother. During her childhood, the custom was to have three articles of each kind of clothing. She had three dresses, three pairs of socks. . etc. etc. The saying went like this:

- One in the Drawer.
- One on your Back.
- And one in the Wash.

Yet people still managed to look nice! Can you imagine not having new clothes all the time? I know, I know. . . I am spoiled beyond belief.

I think the only way I am going to cure this envy, is to get all dressed up today, complete with pearls and heels, and go about my day.  Maybe I will even take a trip to town.

Mrs. White

This is just what I need - A Little Classy Homemaking.

Make it look like - The Maid was Here.

*contented sigh* - I love to have A Heart for Staying Home.

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RebeccaL. said...

Finding a good yard sale cures me of the department store fever. I MUCH prefer yard saling to going to the mall and haven't been to a mall all year. I can find nice skirts for $1 and a yard sale, outfit most of my family and I think most of my shoes are yard sale finds. Love it!

Susie said...

I would actually LOVE to live in a world that ALLOWED a woman to have only, "one in the drawer, one on your back, and one in the wash". Life would sure be simpler.

Karen Andreola said...

Your post brought me down Memory Lane. In my childhood I shared a small clothes closet with my sister. In it were three dresses each. Two to wear on alternating days for school and one for church. These my mother had made on her sewing machine. That was the 1960s. We had a few play clothes in the dresser. It never crossed our minds for a moment that might be doing without.
I like the photograph of Jackie Kennedy.
Karen A.

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