Monday, October 24, 2011

Bossy Wives

Many of us nag our husbands. We give them lists of things to do, just like they are our children. We boss, we control, we irritate. Perhaps we do this rarely, or without even noticing, but we all do it.  This morning I caught myself  "offering a suggestion" to my husband about our van repairs that needed to be done.  The look on his face was one of  "I was already planning  to do that, but now I won't because you told me to!"   After I walked out of the room, I realized my mistake. I came back and apologized by telling him a joke I'd seen on the "I Love Lucy" show.

Lucy "disappeared," to get attention, by pretending  she was missing. Fred Mertz told Ricky he shouldn't bother replacing his wife by remarrying. He should just get a parrot to nag and throw away his money.  When I told this to my husband, he laughed.  All was well.

When will I ever learn that my husband has his own agenda? When will I learn that he has his own routine and ways of handling his duties?   Can you just imagine if someone like Grace Kelly tried nagging Prince Rainier? What if our husbands were supreme court judges or high ranking generals in the army and we wives tried telling them what to do? Are our own husbands any less important or intelligent?

Do you know what is interesting? Few husbands nag or boss around their wives. So why do we do it?

Mrs. White

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Always Learning said...

Great post! One of the first things I encourage the women I mentor is to accept him JUST the way that he is...faults and all. Don't try to change anything about him and stop even thinking negative thoughts about him. Works wonders in improving marriages. Make him happy, not holy!

Laura in AZ said...

Wow. I need a mentor like Mrs. White and Lori Alexander. Seriously, I need help in this department.

I clicked on Lori's name and have spent the last hour or so browsing her blog. I couldn't decide whether to comment here or there, but figured if I comment here, maybe some of Mrs. White's other readers will go take a peek, too. Both of these women have some very wise words to offer when it comes to marriage and how to make a husband feel loved.
I have been married for 25 years, but I have a lot to learn. You ladies inspire me.
Thank you.

Mary Joy said...

Excellent post! Thanks for the wonderful reminder! Wow...sometimes when I get in a hurry, I forget that. Ouch. But I do my best to catch myself and then apologize and I ask the Lord to help me to remember to always treat him with respect and not nag...and not to get so focused on my agenda. I love the way you put that.

God bless you sister!

Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

Anonymous said...

this is just so much easier to do, when you have a husband who is entrepreneurial and acts like a grown-up ;-)
for those of us who happen to have gotten 40yo kids who spend all their free time in front of video games and movies and who do *not* get much done of not told to, well, it's less simple. I love, love the idea of just being this lovely, sweet wife - but meanwhile there's also a household to run and a family to care for and stuff does need to be done, kwim?
this is really not a nasty comment, just saying that I think that sometimes all you happily married wives to wonderful men just don't really know what it's like to live with someone not as wonderful...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, thank you. Although I am twelve years into relationship and six years in to marriage, it is only a year and half as a Christian, I have put in so much effort to not nag or even suggest because I am learning all over again about my husband from a different perspective and it has made marriage a lot easier. Stopping by from Encourage One Another. Have a blessed day. Tara.