Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Parlour on Sunday Morning

[Roses and a Bible in the Parlour, at Mrs. White's House]

Early Sunday mornings are a great time of holy expectation. The house has been cleaned and ready for a special day.  There are distant echoes of church bells ringing in the village square. The family will soon be up, dressed in their best, and heading off to church services.

I miss going to church. I haven't been able to go in such a long time. But I trust the Lord to provide a way for me someday soon. We have had car trouble for a few months. We can drive locally, but my favorite church is far away. I would have to get on the interstate. Since I cannot go this Sunday, I will remember Sundays past. I will imagine what it is like walking through the doors of the sanctuary and being greeted by an usher, and handed a bulletin. I will remember sitting in a pew and looking at a hymn book. I will remember the gentle hellos from congregants and smiling faces as we all prepare for the service. I will be there in my mind and heart.

But for now, I will sit in the parlour, in my favorite chair near the window. . . and I will read my Bible in the quiet of the morning.

Mrs. White

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