Monday, October 17, 2011

Recording the History of a Family

The Civil Marriage, 1881
Civil Marriage Ceremony, 1800's

When a relative died, a few years ago, we sat together at the family's main house and looked through the large family Bible. The matriarch of the home had recorded many historical family events. It was nice to see when Grandpa was ordained as a minister, and the number of children born through the generations. I saw the names of close relatives who had died as babies. I also saw when someone joined the army or had some accomplishment.

Recently, I read how an Amish family had a history book of their family. They would pull this out and read over the family names and events and share it with the children and grandchildren.

I was thinking, this morning, that I will create a little book for our immediate family. It will start with the marriage ceremony of Mr. White and I, and then chronicle our lives throughout the years. I will add to it as we go along. There will be little notes and newspaper clippings, like when our daughter made the paper, or when we owned our store. But most of it will include select photographs, little memories, and dates and events.

It will be a precious, permanent recording of the history of our family - of Mr. and Mrs. White and their descendants.

Mrs. White

A Living History - Homemaking Links the Generations.

A Joyful Time of Serving the Family - Spending the Day in the Kitchen.

Financial Struggles - How the Old Time Mothers Survived Poverty.

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Angela B. said...

What an absolutely wonderful legacy to leave your family. I would like to try to implement this in our family (even though it is small). Thank you, Mrs. White!

Illinois Lori said...

That's a beautiful thing to do for your family, dear lady! My husband's mother is such a chronicler...and she has one of those beautiful, old, HUGE "Family Bibles," but sadly she does not know the truths that are in it. I've tried, over the years, to share them with her, but she will not listne, stubbornly refuses to learn.

Yet, when a Godly wife and mother chronicles the history...the LEGACY of Home for her children, I believe God will use that for good and to bring glory unto Himself. May your efforts be blessed and may they bring the knowledge of your great God and His faithfulness to the hearts of your children!


mommyx12 said...

Hello there Mrs. White. You won the Rebuilding a Culture of Virtuous Boyhood tape. As soon as I get your addy I'll pop it in the mail.


SmallWorld at Home said...

Indeed, that is a wonderful legacy. I hope my blog will be that for my kids! Thanks for contributing to the Carnival of Homeschooling!

Carmen Jacquemyn said...

I too chronicle in two ways. I have a 'christmas book' and every year in oktober/november I write about what happened the last year, what we will do around the hollidays, recipes I will try, who we buy gifts for (we do a secret santa in every family)... I also have a 'family cook book' and every time I make something we particulary enjoy, I write down the recipe. I hope tjis wiil indeed become a kind of legacy.

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