Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Victory Homes - Living with Financial Hardship

Rations and Ration Book

In the old days, the government did its best to keep up morale for American Housewives. This was during the Great Depression. Women were encouraged to plant gardens and make nutritious meals with rationed ingredients. 

Hollywood also tried to keep people happy. Delightful movies were introduced in theaters nationwide. Viewers were able to forget their troubles while watching heartwarming movies starring Shirley Temple.  Another family favorite in those days was Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in the Andy Hardy series.

It took hard work and courage to be happy despite a crippled economy. It took creativity and imagination to make meals with limited resources.

I wonder if we didn't have the money to repair our vehicles, would we still find a way to get to work?  Could we be inventive, even in rural areas?

What if we had a small portion of butter or sugar to last the week. Could we still bake treats for our children? What substitutions would we use?

Our country is in the midst of a massive financial crisis. We need to have the attitude of Victory in our Homes. We need to smile in the face of trouble and take on the challenges and roadblocks that keep coming our way.

Today, let's find a way to ration what's on hand. Let's be frugal and careful with pennies, dollars, water, electricity, groceries and gasoline.  What ideas can you share to help us all have Victory Homes?

Mrs. White

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Kelly Howard said...

I just LOVE this post! The whole great depression era (and both world wars) brought the BEST music and movies ever! Morals and morale were high and folks had a 'we can do this' attitude...our country has come a long way since then and modern music and movies are 90% trash, morals and morale is at an all time LOW. Yes, YES, let's commit to having victory homes...one home at a time....I'M IN!!!

Liz said...

I read this and thought of one of my favorite recipes.
Depression Chocolate Cake, it takes no butter or eggs.
Here is the link to the recipe I use.
I hope you like it!

Stacie said...

I love this post...even though my husband and I live in a small apartment we've started a "victory garden" to help supplement our food budget. Very soon everyone will have one in the dark times that are ahead.

Kelly Howard said...

I jumped on your band wagon with both feet and linked this wonderful post to my heart felt one today! I pray that everyone else that reads it will do the same!

Sherri B. said...

Thank you for these very important reminders. I know I can do better and need to be more frugal with time and money.

proverbs31heart said...

I just love this post! It's made of the kind of stuff that goes straight to my heart and soul! Some of my favorite cookbooks are my grandmother's from WWII and our family just enjoyed a couple (three in fact) Micky Rooney/Judy Garland/Andy Hardy movies over the weekend. Wish our whole country would return to good old-fashioned morals, thrift, and value in the face of our current economic situation, but, nevertheless, we can fight the battle and gain victory on the homefront regardless of what's going on around us. Amen? Good article! And thanks for sharing!

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

What a lovely post. Our attitude makes such a difference. Even in hard times if we choose to be victorious, we can have joy rather than depression.
I too, love the movies of the World War II era. They are so patriotic and uplifting.
I love old movies and I had to explain to my son, that we are not at war with Japan!

Julianne said...

It's evident your post is a blessing to so many of us.
Since I found out recently that I'm expecting my fifth child I've had horrible morning sickness. However, for our budget this has been a blessing in disguise because I haven't left the house in almost 2 weeks, just to go to church and that's it. I used to drive into town a few times a week for various reasons, but really I was driving way too much. We live about 7 miles outside town and I drive a gas-guzzler so our fuel bill was out of hand. I've realized since being sick that I never really needed to make all those trips into town, I could've picked up the few groceries needed after church.
I'm glad you post about things like this, it really opens my eyes to how much I waste around here, definitely convicting me to change.
What a blessing you are!

Anita said...

I just posted this morning about some things that we are doing in our home. Here's the link! Great conversation!

shannon said...

I love this post and am glad I ran across your blog from woman living well. Finding joy in the hard times and good times. I believe there is so much joy and that the hard times and gratitude will help us cultivate that joy more than anything else! I'm excited to explore your blog.

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