Sunday, February 19, 2012

Homemaking 101

DVD - Homemaking 101 with hostess Jennifer Ross of Renewing Housewives.

Production - Family Vision Films.

Running Time - 54 minutes plus bonus features.

The Ross family has created a dynamic presentation for homemakers. Jason and Jennifer Ross are the parents of 11 children and have a lovely homelife.  They have been very generous in allowing us to enter their home and see what life looks like for a godly housewife.

In this film, you will be welcomed by Jennifer, your hostess, as she guides you through her daily life. She shares visual guidance on cleaning, cooking, managing bills, and child care.

There are a total of 25 scenes plus 7 bonus sections.

Her segments on cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and freezer are excellent. New housewives who are looking for practical advice for quick and thorough cleaning will greatly appreciate this!  I love how Jennifer actually does the cleaning, often with her little ones nearby, and shows it is work, and that it is do-able.

I appreciate how she shows the cooking process, making breakfast, preparing her husband's lunches, handling leftovers and defrosting frozen meat for dinner.  I love how she cleans as she goes along, keeping the house looking nice, and well cared for, in a practical way.

Jennifer discusses distractions, trusting God for finances, organizing bills, planning meals, washing floors, dusting, training children and keeping up with dishes. She even shares a little about homeschooling and offers several homemaking hints!

Her gentle spirit is inspiring.   You get a sense of peace, while feeling as if you are visiting with her. In the bonus section, she sits and drinks tea while answering several common questions about homemaking. This is a lovely addition to the program.

You'll also see clips of the children playing, mom reading to the family, and everyone working in the kitchen together.  You will also "meet" an older Titus 2 woman, who shares advice as the program goes along. Her godly wisdom includes sobering thoughts like, "You either live by the Bible or you live by the world. . . And if you try to mix the two, you're going to fall off in a ditch somewhere."

I would recommend this DVD for those who need some encouragement, and those who want to see homemaking in a practical way. I would also recommend this for those who have no idea what gets accomplished in a housewife's day. Truly it is a challenging, rewarding job that takes a great deal of effort.

Jennifer encourages fellow Christian housewives in their job at home by telling us, "Staying home with your babies. . . with your children. . is the right thing to do.  It's what the Lord has called us to do. There is no higher calling."

This DVD sells for $15.95 and is an excellent investment. 

Edited update - Jennifer has just given me a discount code for you. This will give you 20% off the DVD. Just use code - legacy20

*Disclosure - I received this product for review purposes.*

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Jessica@MakingHomeSweeter said...

Wow, this DVD looks so informational. As a young homemaker, I definitely need the guidance.

Cathy said...

Thank you. I ordered this today using your code.

Dawn Terrell said...

Would this DVD be helpful for those of us who must work outside of home?

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